What About Mom??

This might come across negative and I swear that is not what I am going for. The other night I was feeling really stressed and just tired. Then I noticed my 2 nail polish bottles that have been sitting by the TV for who knows how long, I put the pair together sometime after Christmas. I then found my jamberry nail wraps that I got while my mom was here last October....guess what? Haven't touched them. The mask hubby put in my stocking, still unused. The crafts I want to get done, painting and stencils, nope boxes full of wood that sit in my garage that I need to clean again. Running again which is my stress reliever...went once, loved it but haven't gone since. While my mind was noticing all the things I haven't done it was also pointing out that I needed to clean every room in my house. It needs a maid badly. Dishes in the sink, legos (darn those little pieces), toys all over the place, paper from homework under the table, laundry needing folded, etc etc. Your a mom, you know the drill. It's hard to be joyful and postive when life is constantly hitting you with more. How many times have you gone to read a book and then notice a mess and take care of that instead? More then once huh?

I think it is so important to take time for yourself. This isn't a Mommy Time Out, it needs to be time just for you with or without friends. Maybe a bubble bath, mani/pedi and a good book or maybe a movie and dessert with some girlfriends. I realized I am horrible at this and I know other moms are too. We have the weight of the world on our shoulders and every one is always needing or wanting something. Other then having a friend do my hair every once in a while I don't really get ME time. I get shopping with 2 kids when the oldest is in school. I get time once they go to bed, but lets be honest....you can't enjoy it because your mind is racing with things you need to do so you feel guilty for enjoying anytime to yourself. I get little things here and there, but I really really want a night maybe once every other week that I have to do nothing except the things I want to. Something scheduled and that I can look forward to. I want to use that mask, and paint my nails. I want dessert and a movie with girlfriends. I want to shop without needing a purse full of snacks. I want painted nails, hair curled (but I don't have time to learn how) makeup done and to go have a fancy dinner with my husband. I want to take a bubble bath and read a good book. I want to sleep in and have breakfast made for me and the kids dressed. Your hearing a lot of "I wants" aren't you?

As moms, we run the home. We are what keeps everything going to smoothly. I truly, with my whole heart believe that we can NOT be the best mom if we are over worked, tired, stressed or feeling down. How can I teach my children the right way to handle life if I am not handling it the right way myself? I can't teach my son not to get angry about little things if I do it myself. We all know children learn by example, we need to be the best example we can. There will be days that you want to punch a hole in the wall, please don't! Do what you would tell your child to do, take 5 deep breaths and come back to the situation. By bedtime I know I usually go to bed angry...angry that I didn't clean more, play with the kids more, teach the kids more or anything else I can think of. I wish I could say I was exaggerating but I'm not. I am a very stressed person, I'm stressed that I'm writing this instead of cleaning and what about lunch? Guess I will eat it in the van again when I'm waiting to get my son from school. We are always so giving to others without a thought towards ourselves but then wonder why we are so stressed and ready to blow after something so small. We need to take care of ourselves too!!! We have such a strong influence on those cute little spirits in our homes. Don't you want to make sure that you are taking care of yourself a little so that you can better take care of those little ones??? I know I do, I want to teach my kids so much, I want them to be happy, loving, giving, sweet little things. I can't teach them those things by words all the time. It's my actions. Stress isn't something they need to learn from me. 

We need a break once in a while to get rid of those negative emotions towards ourselves and the world. We need to think of ourselves. It's ok to be a tiny bit selfish sometimes. A new shirt will help, or maybe staying up a little later to read a chapter from a book. A bubble bath would be amazing! You will feel so much better to think of you. It can't be an all the time thing, we are moms, the world will fall apart, but little moments I think can be daily. A whole night to yourself with your girlfriends once every other week or whenever you need it. It's nice to go out with others and be able to use our big kid words! 

So in a nut shell. Do something for you today, tomorrow and/or everyday depending on what exactly you are doing. Tonight I will paint my nails and even let them dry the old fashioned way....with air and time. Not ice cubes in cold water because pinterest told me to hurry. Tomorrow I will eat lunch at the table, while reading and enjoy the silence will my kids watch tv. I will find little moments every day to think about my emotional and spiritual well being so that I can be a better mom and example to my children. Heck, I will even plan a movie night with some girl friends soon...heels only, no flats! Friday night I want to find a babysitter and go out with my husband and maybe I won't put the kids to bed before I leave. It doesn't have to be this huge selfish act, that's never good. Something small daily will do the soul wonders. So take care of you emotionally, spiritually, and physically so that you can be a mom, wife, friend, daughter or random stranger!

Hummus Crusted Chicken

If your anything like me you have 3 goals everyday.
1.) Keep the kids alive
2.) Keep house standing (because clean with kids is a joke)
3.) Easiest yummiest dinner you can find

Luckily, I'm doing great with keeping the kids alive and my house is still standing but dinners, oh how I hate having to think of something quick, easy, healthy and something that will please everyone. I have been eating as clean as I can lately, I'm doing a beachbody program and it is strict but the results are amazing so my family suffers with me sometimes.

 This was a dinner that I decide to try after searching pinterest for ideas. Pinterest what would I do without you??? It took me maybe 15 minutes to throw together (lots of veggies being cut). Do I have your attention??? Want to know something else??? Everyone in my house liked it, even my husband who is my pickiest eater!

Recipe for Hummus Crusted Chicken
You will need:
3 thawed chicken breast (or how ever many your family needs, this fed 5)
Hummus (I used the pine nut hummus from Costco)
-3 Zucchini
-1 bunch of asparagus
-green orange and red pepper

Cut up all of your veggies and put in a large bowl, sprinkle with seasonings. ( I used Italian seasonings nothing fancy) Then place everything in a greased 9x13. Place your chicken on top of the veggies and cover in hummus, little hands might enjoy helping on this step. You don't want to see the chicken at all. Then throw everything in the oven!

Bake at 375 for about 45 minutes or until the juice from the chicken is clean. 

Biscuits on the side are perfect with this.

IF by chance your doing the beachbody 21 day fix program, this is approved! Yay!
1 red
1 blue
1 green (I did 2 and it was a ton of veggies)
1 yellow (if you do biscuits with it)

Mommy Time Outs

Have you ever had a day where you needed a mommy time out away from all your responsibilities? Being a mom is the toughest job I have ever had! I have 3 little crazies running around needing me every moment no matter what I'm doing or where we are. I have a love hate relationship with these moments. I love that my kids need and want me, not to mention knowing that they can come to me when they need.I love that the trust they have in me is more then enough to fix their problems. I will be honest though, if the bathroom door is closed, please don't come running in unless the house is on fire, I know it can wait. Another favorite is when I'm cooking, for the love of all that's good, leave mommy alone after a long day when she is near hot things, Mommy can I help....I promise! I would give anything some days to just get away.... sometimes that time is at 9am (I have early risers) sometimes noon and other times I can make it to bed time. No matter what, we all need some mommy space.

We need time to breath and gather our thoughts. I like to call these "Mommy Time Outs." Some people might think that I am a bad mom for wanting to get away from my kids from time to time, every few days, every day....it doesn't matter. I don't ask people to like me, but I want to be real, I want to be honest because I am not living in sunshine and rainbows here in my home. If you do, well...I'm not going to go there. Life isn't perfect so I won't pretend it is. I like to not go completely crazy at kindergarten pick up at 3:30. Some might agree with me and to that I say "high five" we need to be best friends. You guys, I am not even 30 and I have more gray hair than my mom. Each gray is named one of 3 names, Neacel who has been providing gray since 2008, Brody since 2010 who is my lazy producer and Macey my mass gray hair producer since 2012. Please don't get me wrong, I love my kids more then anything but I also love not needing a special white jacket in a white fluffy room!

Let me tell you about today, let me tell you why my 2 year old had to nap and mommy had a time out on the couch while the boys watched Netflix. Boys woke up around 6:30, hubby is sick so I slept like I have a newborn, already not a good start. Immediately, they start fighting with me about getting dressed and what they want to do. I remind them that it is early and no you can't play in the backyard breaking ice, get dressed, here is breakfast (toast) and please watch Curious George so mommy can get some work done.

By 8:30 all kids are dressed, fed and I am ready to go to my workout class. Go to grab keys around 8:50 after fighting about why we wear socks with shoes, keys aren't in my purse. They are always in my purse or on the counter. Neither place provided my keys, after searching the house like a mad woman (workout keeps me sane, I need and want it) I break down in tears. I am past panic crazy mom mode. My keys are special. They have the only van key, mailbox key, house key, spare car key and other random keys, either way missing my keys means we are stranded which I can not handle so early in the day. I get to workout after finding the keys in the most random of spots about 20 minutes late, why go you ask, because if not, mommies time out was going to happen in a bubble bath at 9:30 am with all the kids locked in their rooms.

Class was interesting thanks to my Macey (running around, washing her hands in the men's toilet, washing her face while standing in the kitchen sink, etc). Then she throws the mother of all tantrums as I tell her she can't go home with my friend Amber.... this resulted in a 15 minute tantrum in the parking lot, sending mommy to the insane part of her brain filled with tears and really loud music on the drive home. We get home, only to leave 20 minutes later to take Neacel to school. Que Macey tantrum over olives and not being able to watch Despicable Me. We drop him off while Macey screams the whole time, get home and I get Despicable Me on and a cup of olives for her so that I can shower. Anything to get away!

Brody was left in charge, he was to come and get me if Macey even got off the couch. Well, he ran up to tell me Macey got off the couch and dumped something out. I panic run downstairs half dressed to find a Costco sized container of hummus all over my coffee table (which has groves in it), in her hair, on my dishwasher which was open and had hummus on clean dishes, on and in the fridge. Que mommy tears for the 6th time today! It was barely NOON! So, she was sent to her room because I had nothing nice to say and the nice mommy voice was turning into a really mean mommy voice. Luckily, it was almost time for school pick up. I panicked over the thought of another tantrum, but rejoiced at the thought of "girlfriend is taking a nap today!"

My daughter doesn't normally nap, in fact its a rare special occasion if she does. We got Neacel from school and rushed home to lay her down for a nap. It was seriously the best part of my day thus far. I think I had taken about 5 time outs today and they do help. They help me handle the next situation a lot better than if I hadn't take that time to breath and catch my happy thoughts before they fly away.

Lets talk about now, I have taken a small nap on the couch, ate crap I shouldn't have and here I sit in my closet under the stairs, writing this to you at 5pm! I already plan on running to Little Ceasers for dinner because I'm still in time out mode, I already have a Redbox reserved and plan on grabbing popcorn. I still need to relax a little more, my brain hurts from today and I still have puffy, mommy-crying-eyes. My boys are being awesome, which is rare for the both of them on the same day. We won't focus on that, I might jinx it!

I know you are thinking to yourself "Why is she sharing this?" Well, haven't you had a day like this? Haven't you needed to just run away for 5 minutes? Haven't you cried so much in one day that you have puffy eyes??? My shower and nap have been the best part of my day, 2 things that I don't always get in the same day. Being a mom is tough and it is really hard to handle the weight of the world on your shoulders. I am here to say go eat a bowl of ice cream and cry it out in your closet if you need to! No excuse needed. Go turn on a movie for the kids and curl up to read a book and ignore any requests for 15 minutes! It is ok, I promise. Go grab dessert with a friend in the middle of the day after getting a babysitter for kids at home. Dessert is best when kids aren't around.

We need to remember ourselves, we can't give to others properly if we aren't taken care of. My kids know mommy isn't very nice till about 7 am once I am dressed and ready to go workout. It's my morning thing, some moms need coffee, I need my workout clothes and brushed teeth!

So, after all my rambling, which probably doesn't make much sense, this what I want you to get from all this. Don't be afraid to need to get away, to need a break from your kids or to cry over little things. To go cry in the shower or eat ice cream in your closet. We are human, we aren't made of steel, we aren't perfect and we need to remember ourselves emotionally too. We have so much on our plate and I know life sometimes throws everything at you that it can. I know today has been horrible for me, but I look forward to giving my messy hummus smelling daughter a bath and tucking her into bed tonight while she asks for me to sing Twinkle Twinkle 3 times and sings I am a Child of God with me. Those moments make the crazy worth it. Unfortunately, sometimes we miss out on the cute needed moments because we are too stressed.....take a mommy time out and come back to the situation once you feel better. Things will be better and I promise you won't miss anything while you take that time to yourself.

Sweet Potato and Apple Side Dish

So over the past 2 years I found I have a love for health. I dropped 75lbs and kept it off. I lift weights, run half marathons and can keep up with my kids. Over this journey I have found that I not only love baking but I also do cooking. I thought I hated it but that's because I wasn't cooking good food. All of it would taste good but it wasn't good for me food, so I felt like crap eating it. Since cooking actual food, I realized I really enjoy it. I enjoy trying new dishes, healthy and non healthy, but I like the healthy a little more....only so I don't feel so guilty for taking seconds, or polishing off the dish :)
I have learned to love coming up with new recipes, some my own, others that I change a few things to make my own. I saw a sweet potato and carrot recipe and no offense but gag, that sounds bad. It was a sweeter dish using honey and cinnamon. I thought why not apples instead? Apples with honey and cinnamon are great, sweet potatoes are filling so lets try it all together.

Lucky for all of us it's an easy sugar free, clean side dish. Something quick and easy. Add some grilled chicken with this and its a perfect meal in my book.

1 whole sweet potato. (peeled and cubed)
1 apple (cubed)
1 tbsp honey
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp nutmeg

Put the sweet potato and apple in a pan with a little cooking spray. Let them cook for about 20 minutes together or until the sweet potato was soft. Put the honey in the microwave for 10 seconds to make it runny. Add the cinnamon and nutmeg to the honey and mix it all together then drizzle onto the apples and sweet potato mix. Let them all cook together for about 5 minutes. Then you are ready to enjoy!

Husband didn't try it but said "garf" after seeing the picture but all of my kids approved. Hubby is my picky eater. 

Easy Valentine's Garland

If your anything like me your not crafty but you dream of it. Your head is full of amazing beautiful ideas but when you go to to them they are nothing but a pinterest fail. For me crafts need to be simple, cute, cheap and quick from start to finish. I have 3 kids running around, glue guns become something my boys want to use, glitter is something my daughter wants in her hair and on her nails and within an hour. I. GIVE.UP. My kids are awesome with their desire to help, it just comes at all the wrong times.

 I came across this easy little Valentine's Garland on pinterest. It looks easy, kid friendly, the needle worries me only because my 2 year old still has a habit of putting random things in her mouth. Luckily, I'm already needing to go to Walmart tonight, so I can grab some cute paint cards in pinks, reds and white and hopefully tackle this one tomorrow after chuch while everyone is napping. I am not crafty, but this one I think I can totally do. I also think it would be easy to change the shape and use this easy tutorial by Julie Ann Art to create other simple garlands. I will share the finished product here in a few days (hoping I can actually finish it before Valentines gets here). Over the next 2 weeks I will be sharing other Valentine's crafts that I am brave enough to tackle along with Valentines treats. Baking is my real passion so those will be easy.

Oh and I'm totally coming back to this whole blogging world. Its been a few years but now that I don't have a little baby, my oldest is in kindergarten, middle is in preschool and the youngest is the easiest terror I have home all day, I finally get some free time. (Thank you library for having all the fun movies my daughter wants)