How to Talk to Kids About Tragedies

Need to know how to talk to your kids about tragedies? Considering all the horrible, sad things going on in Boston and around the world it's something on everyone's mind. I have thought about what do I say to my 4 year old if he were to ask. Luckily, came up with a simple and perfect way to talk to our sweet little ones.

Making Dinosaur Eggs

Need to know how to make a dinosaur egg? Just incase you were wanting to to make a few dinosaur eggs to hide in the backyard or sand box for your little guy to find, I found it for you. Only 2 ingredients to make these dinosaur eggs! I plan on making dinosaur eggs next week for my dudes and hiding them around our place and letting them dig and find them.

Teaching a Child to Make Their Bed

Who couldn't use more tips on raising responsible hard working kids? Click on the picture for more information.

Clean Painting Activity for Kids

I'm always looking for fun, clean activities for my boys. What a great idea to seal the paint in a bag!