Real Bellies

So it's no secret that women want to look perfect and that Hollywood sets the standards for most. Perfect hair and makeup, dressed in nothing but the best, beautiful jewelry, and most of all perfect bodies, let's narrow it down even more...flat tummies! I know I beat myself up over it, that I could be thinner and have a much better tummy if I worked out more, ate healthier and really kept my motivation once I do start those things. How many times have you thought, I wish I had a stomach like hers? I know I do, daily probably? I feel that after 2 kids born by c/section one was 8lbs 14 oz and 22in, and my second was 8lbs 4 oz 21 in (and for the record, this momma is only 5ft tall!), I should learn to love what I've been blessed with. I should look at my scar and stretchmarks as a baby making trophy.

My husband sent me this article, and I couldn't help but to think "I want a picture of my stomach on the gallery" then reality and fear set in. The xoJane Real Girl Belly Project is amazing, its a gallery of tummies, each with their own little story. Each earned in their own special way. Go read the article and take time to look at each tummy and read what the owner wrote about it. I'll be honest, I got teary eyed because I know that this is my biggest struggle, I need to just learn to love me. It's not just me though, it's everyone. Many of my friends on facebook that are mothers, we all are obsessed with working out, diets, and trying to get back to the flat 16 year tummy, when in reality we should be proud of the belly button piercing scar we have for being spontaneous and rebellious, the stretchmarks from each pregnancy, a c/section scar to remind me that my children were born safely, etc.

So I encourage all of you, and myself, to do something this week/weekend to boost your confidence. It can be anything. I know right now, I need to buy a bathing suit for a water park we are going to in 2 weeks. I'm terrified, but thrilled that my old one no longer fits.  Maybe instead of a longer one piece I'll reach for the tankini. Maybe you could go buy a shirt that you thought made you look silly, but you love it...who cares! If you love it then go for it, others can learn to love it. Maybe you will take a picture of your stomach and send it to the xoJane Real Girl Belly Project  ( The possibilities are endless. We can't let Hollywood women tell us who we should be. We should love ourselves, curves, stretchmarks and all.

P.S That isn't my tummy, that was a brave soul over in the gallery. If I looked like that, I'd be thrilled!

Boogie Wipes Winner!

First of all, a HUGE thank you to everyone that entered. This was our biggest giveaway yet, I guess those dudes really need some Boggie Wipes.
Our winner of 2 packs of Boogie Wipes is:

Amber J (amberissweeping@)

Congrats Amber on winning! If I don't hear from Amber in 48 hours a new winner will be choosen.

Keep Happy and Carry On

Is there a rule saying that bad days can't come back to back? If so, I need to know the book and page number to show it to my son. I need sanity, I need a chick flick, with some ice cream while painting my toe nails bright red for the holidays. My brain hurts from this morning, from stress, tears and fights. It hasn't been a pleasnt morning to be honest. These mornings can make or break my day and that needs to come to an end.
My dear sweet Neacel is pushing every button he can, he did this yesterday and we are right on the same path today. Nap time came 30 minutes early today for sanity reasons. It's moments like these that I wonder if I've done something wrong as a parent. Being a parent is something you learn to do, not a book you can read...and if it was a book can you imagine all the many different ones? In these heated moments is when it's most important to "BE HAPPY" and remember that he is such a young soul and needs to be molded by my husband and I. Bad days happen, it's life, it's what we do with them that will decide when the next one may hit. Yesterday, I broke, I raised my voice and used a lot of "timeouts" on his red plastic chair, sitting in the kitchen. I took away every amount of TV and treats that I could, he didn't care which just made me even more angry. I don't want today to be the same way. So while he and Broden are napping I'm going to calm down, relax a little, and get things done around the home.

So to help me come back to a calm state to handle the rest of my day I'm going to think positive and focus on things that make me happy about Neacel, and look past the bad day he is having. It isn't fair to punish him for having a bad day. I would hate if someone punished me for waking up on the wrong side of bed....I would have been punished a ton as a child!

So here are 10 things that I love about him
1. His hugs and kisses are the most sincere thing
2. His bright blue eyes
3. His little giggle
4. His energy (if I had half of what he has, I would be 20 lbs thinner)
5. His sweet spirit and love for church and the teachings we believe
6. His want to learn everything he can, he just can't seem to get enough
7. His love for his brother. He is always saying that he loves him and gives him hugs and kisses
8. He is so friendly, he doesn't care who you are or where you came are his best friend!
9. I love that he loves sports just as much as his daddy does.
10. Most of all, I love him for simply being him. Heavenly Father trusted me with this sweet spirit and love that spirit more then anything else in the world.

So here is my little moto to make it through today. I need to print this and frame it in our house somewhere so I never forget to Keep Calm and Carry On. Something so simple yet something we forget a lot.

I'm Blank Because.....

I've seen this post on 2 blogs that I follow My Adventures Through Mommyhood and Nat's Knapsack, and thought I would do this also. It's a fun little way for you to get to know me

I'm weird because...
I don't like food to touch on the plate, everything has it's own spot
I sleep on my stomach with the covers covering my face
I hate plain water, I think that no matter what it taste like plastic
I am so shy around people that I won't even talk sometimes
I'm terrifed of thunderstorms (like run and hide under a bed scared)
I'm in love with giant bug eye sunglasses, the bigger the better!
I don't chew Mac N Cheese, but do chew ice cream, and yet Im afraid of swallowing pills...this isn't a joke!

I'm a bad friend because...
I don't always return phone calls or texts
I don't always make it out to their birthdays or kids birthdays
I can be flaky at time, although I never mean too
I'm horrible at remembering to call them when they are on my mind

I'm a good friend because...
I am always there for them
I will do anything for them
I give 100%
I listen to them
I fix any mistakes I've made with them

I'm sad because...
It's gray yucky weather too much here in Ohio
I missed black friday (but glad my mom is ok)
People want and want, but aren't willing to give
naptime is almost over for my boys and I accomplished almost nothing!
I have more gray hair then my mom

I'm happy because...
I have an amazing husband
I have 2 wild, fun spirited, loud, loving boys who I adore more then anything
My husband is almost done with school so we can hopefully go back to Utah
There still isn't snow on the ground...
I live closer to my family and friends
I have been blessed with the opporunity to stay home and raise our boys

I'm excited for...
Christmas, and teaching my oldest the true meaning this year
Snow (yes I know Im happy we don't have it yet, but its almost december, I would like a little soon) Family gatherings in abundance this coming month
everything life has to throw at me

Groupon Cyber Monday Deals

Groupon: Get the Best Deal in Your City Today!  Groupon has some amazing deals today, make sure you go and check them all out. You really don't want to miss out on something do you? I personally love the bobblehead, I wonder if my husband wants one of himself, me, or one of the boys? So hurry over there before what you want sells out

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Baby Grand Piano

piano Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Baby Grand Piano only $25 has a great price on this Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Baby Grand Piano! Get it now for only $25! I know that my little one would love this, too bad we already got a loud toy for Christmas!
Plus, shop through ShopAtHome and get 5% cash back added to your account.
Thanks, Common Sense with Money

Plum District Kidorable Killer Deal

Deal is Dead! Looks like they are sold out! I didn't even get mine, hopefully they will restock. I'll let you know if they do!

WOW! Plum District is once again offering up a *HOT* coupon code! Just use coupon code mobile40 to score an additional 40% off any deal, valid today, 11/28, only. One *HOT* deal to note is this $30 voucher for merchandise at Kidorable for only $15. After the 40% off promo code, you pay ONLY $9! This won't last long so hurry! I'm grabbing mine and debating on boots for Broden or an umbrella, one for each of the boys??

Even sweeter, immediately after snagging your voucher, you may be able to stack the promo code GRATEFUL2 in the promo code box on Kidorable’s site to score FREE shipping! Then just enter your Plum District voucher code in the Gift Certificate box to get $30 off (and you can even use the code right after purchasing )!

Burt's Bees Instant Win Game

Want to possibly win some Burt’s Bees products?!I know I do. Then head over to the Burt’s Bees Facebook page, “like” them, then scroll down to click on the button that says “Unwrap My Gift”.
You could instantly win these instant prizes:
  • 19,640 win a Holiday Beeswax Lip Balm
  • 8,800 win a 1oz Body Lotion Sample
  • 8,800 win a 3oz Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream Mini
Come back and let us know if you win! I didn't win, lame I know, but I'll try again tomorrow!

Thanks, Hip2save

Letter From Santa For Only A Penny!

Wow, if you’re patient (their site is running very slow), you can get a personalized letter from Santa for just one penny! Yep, only $0.01! I'm going to try but we will see how long my kids allow me to.
  1. Go here
  2. Fill out the information for your child’s letter
  3. Add to your cart
  4. Use the FREE shipping code 41878
  5. Checkout and total will be $0.01!

Thanks, One Frugal Chick

Disney Store Up to 25% off and Free Shipping

Today only (11/28), The Disney Store is offering FREE shipping on all orders placed! To get the FREE shipping you will need to use code CYBER at checkout.
Plus, you can save anywhere from,10% off your entire purchase, up to $25% off your purchase, depending on how much you spend. Here is how the discount is broken down:
  • 10% off your purchase of $50 or more
  • 15% off your purchase of $75 or more
  • 25% off your purchase of $100 or more
  • 25% off your purchase of $125 or more
Thanks Freebies2deals

Victoria Secret 50% off Sale

Normally, I wouldn't post something like this on the blog because I want to keep it clean and kid related, but lets be honest, Moms are the ones to visit the site, and without you moms I wouldn't have this site. SO this deal is posted just for you! Go treat yourself to something you really want, that your hubby might forget!

Victoria’s Secret is having a 50% off sale on all their most loved beauty gifts! That means you can get a lot of their fragrances, lotions & beauty products for 50% off! I love all of their fragreances, it's so hard to pick just one.You can grab the Pink perfume for only $25! Or, you could grab the VS Fantasies Love Spell Deluxe Gift Bag for only $15!Keep in mind, if you spend at least $25 you can use code 25FREESHIP at checkout to snag FREE shipping! Plus, all orders placed will receive a FREE Victoria’s Secret Rewards card valued anywhere from $10 up to $500!
That means if you purchase the Pink perfume (or any of the other perfumes priced at $25) you will receive FREE shipping + get a Rewards Card with a value of at least $10. So, it’s like paying only $15 to have it shipped right to your home! How awesome is that?!

Thanks Freebies2deals

Leap Frog Leapster 2 Bundle

Leap Frog Leapster2 There are a few great deals on Leap Frog Products on the Leap Frog Website and on!
Right now you can grab the Leap Frog Leapster 2 Bundle for $61.49 on This includes the Leapster2, Game, Carrying Case and Charger.This is $72 on right now.
You can also use the Coupon Code LFCYBERDEAL to save 15% off the Already reduced bundles on
This Leapster Explorer Commando Gift Pack is just $50.99 after the coupon code!

Thanks, Frugal Coupon Living

Discovery Store Up To 70% Off

Cyber Monday/Week, Up to 70% off, plus flat rate shipping of $1.99, just use coupon code FLATSHIP
This makes for a pretty awesome deal on alot of items!

Deseret Book: Free Shipping and Many Items on Sale

Today & tomorrow only, Deseret Book is offering FREE shipping on all orders over $10.00!  You will need to use code CYBERSHIP at checkout to get free shipping
It looks like Deseret Book has put a lot of the books, music & other items on their site on sale! Discounts range from 10% off to 75% off!
(Thanks Savvy Sister Shops)

Microsoft Online Store- Xbox 360 with Kinect Only $199

Xbox 360 4 GB Console with Kinect

The Microsoft Online store has this Xbox 360 4GB console with kinect for only $199.99
Hurry and grab it before it's gone. This price is a steal. Unfortunately, I'm only in the market for a kinect not the whole thing!

Cents of Style Cyber Monday Sale

If you have never heard of Cents of Style, then you are missing out. Go over to the site and cheap everything out. But first check out the Cyber Monday deals, because shoe sizes will go fast and you want to make sure you grab what you need...I mean want!
Shoes as cheap as $10, and this lovely pictured bag is only $15.60! I'm in love, plus its free shipping AND when you use the code 0512 at checkout you get an extra 10% off your order.

Leap Frog Tag Only $20 From Walmart

Hurry over to Walmart to get this Leapfrog Tag (in purple or green)for just $20 + FREE shipping to store or $0.97 shipping to home!! Normally these are around $40. I might have to grab one for our oldest. This could be his big present for this year, or is an education gift lame to a 3 year old?

Nat's Knapsack 15% Off Today Only

Lagoon Blue Poppy Flower Necklace 
My weakness, handmade jewelry, I know not everyone else is rushing to the store to buy the same piece. So I'm a big fan of Etsy. One of my favorite stores is Nat's Knapsack. She has beautiful, inspiring pieces all handmade. She even does custom orders. Her prices are great and product is beautiful...hopefully my husband decides to buy something from her for me for Christmas. (hint hint hun) Today she wanted to join in on the Cyber Monday spirit and is offering 15% off your order with the code CYBERMONDAY. So hurry over there and find something you love.

Mossimo Jeans Only $8 Shipped!

Nothing like a pair of cute jeans for practially nothing! I am in major need of jeans, hopefully my size and length is available!
Today’s Target Deal is the Mossimo Junior Jeans for only $8.00! Plus, shipping is free. How amazing is that? So while your busy shopping for everyone else, treat yourself to some cute jeans!

7' Roosevelt Fir Christmas Tree Only $52.92 Shipped

Today on you can purchase a 7′ Roosevelt Fir Christmas Tree for only $52.92 Shipped!
To get this deal you will need to search for “7′ Roosevelt Fir Tree”. The search will pull up the tree listed at $90 (on sale from $109!) Add the tree to your cart and then use code B9RQ4SE7. Entering the code will drop your price down from $90 to only $52.92! If I hadn't already bought a real tree I would snatch this deal, instead I'll share will all of you!
Plus, the deals gets even better because all orders over $50 receive FREE shipping. That means this will ship for FREE right to your home. Hurry over now to grab this deal before it sells out!

Thanks Raining Hot Coupons!

Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister- 40% off Plus Free Shipping

Today only, you can get 40% off & FREE shipping at Abercrombie & Fitch & Hollister! To get the discount you will need to use code 15440 at checkout. I know I can actually afford something for my husband from one of these stores now!
This code will stack with sale and clearance items, so I would start in those sections first for the best deals. This is a pretty rare discount for these stores, so I would make sure to take advantage of it now, since we never know if a deal like this will pop up again before Christmas or not!

Perfumania 30% 0ff

Today only, you can use code CYBER30 to get an extra 30% off any Perfumania purchase! Plus, all orders placed will receive FREE shipping!
I know my husband needs some new colgne and I just ran out of my favorite perfume...Just Me by Paris Hilton. (Yes, you read that correct but its truly my favorite and I get a million compliments on it!)

Kohls- 20% off Plus Free Shipping On Every Order!!

Kohl’s is taking part in Cyber Monday today by offering an additional 20% off your purchase when you use code CYBER20 at checkout. Plus, all orders placed today will automatically receive FREE shipping! SCORE!!!!
After the discount you can get the following deals:
Also, if you shopped over the weekend during their Black Friday Sale, any Kohl’s Cash you earned is now usable! And, with today being Cyber Monday, today is probably the BEST day to use up that cash because you can spend the cash + take advantage of the 20% off & FREE shipping! SO hurry and grab what your little dude wants before its gone...or maybe something for the hubby!

Thanks Freebies2Deals

Kre-O Transformer Up To 50% off on Amazon

Remember how I told you that the Kre-O Transformers were a hot toy this year....I was right And Amazon has them right now- up to 50% off! Even the HUGE Optimus Prime is on sale. 
The best part is that they have the smaller Optimus Prime version for only $5.99. Or, you can get the large one for $30- instead of $70! And of course they have the rest of the Transformer guys too!
Hurry and grab the one that the little dude has been begging for before they are don't want to miss out on this deal!

Pyrex Pie Plate B1G1

I love baking, and nothing is better then having some good quality bakeware. ShopWorldKitchen has a Buy 1 Get 1 Free Sale on 9″ Pyrex Pie Plates! Purchase 1 for $3.00 and get the second free! I know I will be grabbing this deal along with the loaf pan that is only $2. Not to mention, Free shipping when you use the code REWARDS

Buy 1 Get 1 Pillow Pets + Free Shipping!

Today only, Target is offering a deal on pillow pets! Purchase a select $19.99 Pillow Pet and get another for FREE!
To find this hot deal, you will need to search for Pillow Pets on the Target Site.Scroll down and you will see a bunch of $19.99 Pillow Pets that say (Buy One, Get One Free) under the price. Those are the only ones that are participating.
From what I can see there is 16 participating pets.  So, lots to choose from. Your order will automatically get free shipping too!
These are the real and licensed Pillow Pets. $9.99 is a great price on these!
I know I will be grabbing this deal, Neacel has been begging for a pillow pet since he saw the commerical forever ago!
(Thanks Birch Creek Mom)

Mattel Cyber Monday 20% Off

To celebrate Cyber Monday, Mattel is once again offering FREE shipping on all orders! Plus, you can use code HOLIDAY20 to score an additional 20% off your purchase!
That means you could grab the Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Complete World for only $79.99 shipped!
They also have a lot of other toys on sale, some even marked up to 75% off + then you get the additional 20% off! Talk about a great time to grab some things for Christmas! Hurry over there now because things are selling fast!

(Thanks For The Mommas)

Sony Store-Groupon Cyber Monday Deal

A deal a day great things to do, eat, see, & buy in your area. Shop today!

If you haven't signed up for Groupon I really think you are missing out! Subscribe to Groupon's Daily DealsToday they have a special Cyber Monday deal, $94 for Sony Bloggie Touch MP4 Camera ($179.99 Value). How amazing is that deal? This deal is only available in the U.S. until 11.59pm tonight. So hurry and grab this before all of them are sold out.

30% off of Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic and Athleta Today Only!!!

Today only, you can get an extra 30% off your entire purchase at Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic and Athleta! Just use code HUGECYBER at any of those stores to get the discount.

Plus, any order over $50 at any of these stores will get free shipping automatically. So, if you need to make a bigger purchase, or even pick up Winter Gear for the fam, this deal will work great!
 (Thanks Freebies2Deals)

Amazon Cyber Monday

KitchenAid Professional 600 Series 6-Quart Stand Mixer
Amazon has some pretty amazing deals today. I would check the site often to see what new things have gone don't want to miss out on anything. I'm hoping to find somethings for my hubby and Broden. You name it, it could go on sale.

Hurry over there because they have a  KitchenAid Professional 600 Series 6-Quart Stand Mixer ONLY $185.99 Shipped (Reg. $499.99) + FREE shipping…. Plus, submit for the $50 rebate here. Plus, the rebate will come with a two year subscription to Food and Wine Magazine or Travel + Leisure. But you can request to get $24 (the value of the subscription) as a cash refund. This will make your total ONLY $185.99!

Flirty Aprons Cyber Monday Deal is a wonderful company (I have the apron pictured). I recommend these aprons to everyone. They are just a perfect gift for everyone. They even carry men's and children's aprons! says this about their product:
Original Aprons: These durable, double-layered aprons were designed with the real woman in mind. Long, thick waist ties and a unique pattern allow women to adjust the tie length. Resulting in REAL WOMEN of every size, not just models, looking beautiful and feeling great.  

Cyber Monday only sale, save 40% off any purchase plus free shipping with code CYBERFLIRTY. This code is only good till midnight! So hurry and send this to your husband or buy a gift for someone/everyone.

Cyber Monday

Ok so I'll admit that I'm no super mom. I want to be able to post every amazing deal I can for today but I can't. The kids won't allow it and neither will my neglected home. I have cookies to take to some friends and a 3 year old that will be bouncing off the walls by 9am. So my best recommendation....check the sites! Everyone will have sales, Kohls, Walmart, Target, Amazon, NoMoreRack and the list just keeps going.
Check them throughout the day. I will post my favorite deals, and ones that I think the little dudes will enjoy. I just tried to get the Xbox 360 on NoMoreRack and it was sold out right after we got the page to load. So I will post deals as many deals as I can on here and on facebook. If you come across a great deal, let me know so I can post it for others to enjoy.

Also, this week I have a pretty awesome giveaway coming up....all I can say is photobook!

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! I hope you have a wonderful day with family and friends. Please take time to talk about the many things you are thankful for. You could even make a list of the top 10 things you are thankful for. Here is my list:

1. Most of all I'm thankful for Heavenly Father and the life he has blessed me with. Nothing is possible without him.

2. I'm thankful for my dear husband who works and studies so hard. He is also pretty much the best father out there, sorry!

3. I'm thankful for my little dudes. For their smiles and laughter. They make each day so much fun. I would be so bored without them.

4. I'm thankful for my parents who raised me and provided for me. I wouldn't be the person I am today without them.

5. I'm thankful for education and the chance to learn everything we can. Life is like a never ending book, you can never learn too much or even come close to knowing it all.

6. I'm thankful for blue skies and sunshine, might sound silly, but this is major to me. Helps my moods and is just truly beautiful.

7. I'm thankful for being an American. It might not be perfect place (but no where is) but its home, and its wonderful.

8. I'm thankful for my love of baking. Baking is my relaxing time, I love to bake anything and everything, cupcakes are my favorite though. Plus, baking something sweet is the perfect treat to give to friends, neighbors and everyone else...who complains about getting a plate of cookies???

9. I'm thankful for the many places I have lived. Born in Cleveland and moving a ton my whole life, I have had a wonderful opportunity to see some amazing places and meet amazing people. SLC, New Orleans, Miami, and many other places. (I attended 16 different schools till I graduated just to give you an idea of how much we moved)

10. Most of all, I'm thankful for the chance to breathe daily. To wake up and live my life. To make my own free choices in life and do as I please. To believe in what I want and to raise my boys. I'm thankful for life....

So whats your list, I would love to hear them! Now go eat some more turkey and pumpkin pie! And let the little dudes (and dudettes) eat more sweets then what you would normally allow, Thanksgiving is only once a year...its ok to have a few cookies and pumpkin pie and go for a second plate of food. I'm hoping my pants button on Friday to go shopping!!!

Giant Eagle Deals Nov 24th-30th

1 FREE Instantly wyb 3
Breyers Ice Cream 3 for $12 (plus 1 Free) = 4 for $12
$1.50/2 Printable (scroll to bottom of page)
Final Price: 4 for $9 ($2.25 each!) Great Price for this time of the year!

$1 Off Instantly wyb 2
Totino's Pizza Rolls 2 for $6 (-$1) = 2 for $5
$1/2 Printable 40¢/2 or 35¢/1 from 10/2 GM or 9/11 GM
Final Price: As low as $1.80 each

Totino's Pizza Stuffers 2 for $6 (-$1) = 2 for $5
75¢/1 from 10/2 GM or 9/11 GM
Final Price: $1 each! *this is a new product - great time to try them out!

Progresso Classics Soup $1
$1/4 from 11/13 GM, 10/23 SS or 10/2 GM (exp 11/26)
Final Price: 75¢ each wyb 4

Barilla Regular or Whole Grain Pasta $1
$1/2 Printable (facebook) - must take challenge
Final Price: 50¢ each wyb 2

Prego Pizza Sauce $1.50
75¢/2, 75¢/3 from 10/16 SS
Final Price: As low as 75¢ each!

Hot or Lean Pockets $2
$1/2 Snackers Printable $1/4 Printable $1/3 Sandwiches Printable
Final Price: As low as $1.50 each wyb 2

Eggo Waffles $2.50
$1/3 Printable $1/3 SavingStar
Final Price: $2.17 each wyb 3 plus $1 SavingStar Deposit!

Cole's Garlic Bread or Toast $2.50
50¢/1 Printable
Final Price: $1.50

Oral B Advantage Toothbrush or Floss $2
75¢/1 from 10/30 PG (exp 11/30) 50¢/1 from 10/30 PG (exp 11/30), 11/27 PG, Giant Eagle eOffer (exp 11/26)
Final Price: as low as 50¢ (not bad for Toothbrush)

More deals here!

Thanksgiving Ideas for Kids

Need something fun to do tomorrow with the kids? I came across the Little family Fun Blog and loved this idea of making Craft Stick Scarecrows. How simple and cute are these?

You could also trace those cute little hands and make garland with them, have each kid write or tell you what they are thankful for. I'm sure depending on ages you could get some pretty funny and cute things.

Turkey BeaksOk, who doesn't think this is adorable? Just imagine kids running around wearing these, yelling "gobble gobble". If nothing else, its cute for a photo opportunity. Make one for everyone coming over and do a Thanksgiving photo. It's super simple to make. Go here for directions on how to make these

Do you like to make something that will always help you remember your tiny hands around the house? Super easy craft to do with any age, and something that can be held on to for years to remember those tiny turkey hands once they are grown up and refuse to take part in a silly craft.
For other ideas check out One Pretty Thing, you can go to categories and go to Kids Thanksgiving crafts. You can also search things and get results. One Pretty Thing is my go to site for crafts. They have everything you could imagine!!!

Video from Santa

This is a fun little thing that people like to do every year. You can make a Free Personalized Video from Santa for your kids, or for adults. Santa will say your name, (or my dear friend if the name isn't on the list) and even tell you if you have been naughty or nice. You can add pictures of the people he is talking about and answer some questions about the person the video is for. This comes out really cute, and something any child would love to recieve.

I just got done making mine for Neacel, I'm going to show it to him later tonight. Just something along the lines of "ummm Neacel, you have an email from the North Pole?" This will get his attention.

This is an adorable way to remind kids that Santa is watching you, and knows if they have been naughty or nice!!! It's all free and doesn't take long to put together!!

Thanks Freebies 2 Deals for posting this deal!

Grape Nut Pie Recipe

This is a big deal my husband just posted his family recipe for Grape Nut Pie on his blog! This pie is so delicious and tastes just like pecan pie. Since, his recipes are my recipes I'll share it here too, but please go and tell him Thank You for sharing this recipe! It would make his day!

3/4 cup Grape-Nuts Cereal1/2 cup warm water
3 eggs, well beaten
3/4 cup sugar
1 cup dark corn syrup (light is ok)
3 tablespoons melted butter
1 teaspoon vanilla
1/8 teaspoon salt
1 unbaked pie shell

Combine cereal and water; let stand until water is absorbed. Meanwhile, blend eggs with sugar; add syrup, butter, vanilla, and salt. Fold in softened cereal. Pour into pie shell. Bake at 350 for 50 min. or until filling is puffed completely across the top. Cool. Garnish with whipped topping. Sprinkle with additional cereal, if desired.

Thank you Now That's Nifty for sharing!

Despicable Me Only $5.99 on Amazon

Amazon has this hilarious movie for only $5.99 right now! Plus if you have a Prime account, it's free shipping!

We love Despicable Me (or as Neacel calls it "the funny guy movie"), it's so funny and I will admit the song in the beginning about having a bad day totally gets stuck in my head....yup its stuck now that I thought about it!

Hurry and grab this for a Christmas gift, I know its going in the stocking for Neacel this year because daddy erased it off DVR by accident. Ooops!

Snapfish: Buy 1 Photo Book get 2 Free!

It's that time of year, the time that every mom wants to sit down and make a Photobooks for the year.

Whether it be for one kid, or maybe just a Family Photobooks, it doesn't matter because you can get them all done with this amazing sale through Snapfish. When you use the code NOVBOOKS at checkout you pay for 1 book but then get 2 for free. I can actually accomplish 3 Photobooks that I haven't even started for the price of one. -books are 20 pages, and all 3 Photobooks will need to be the same on the outside, but the inside can be different.

-additional pages can be purchased at regular price
-the code is good till Nov 26th
-you can use the code  NOVBOOKS up to 5 times on one account!

So go make those books mommies, go over to Snapfish, but those Photobooks together, don't forget the code and ta dah, all done for cheap! I know I need to make 2 first year Photobooks and a 2nd year Photobooks. Thank goodness naptime is around the corner!