What About Mom??

This might come across negative and I swear that is not what I am going for. The other night I was feeling really stressed and just tired. Then I noticed my 2 nail polish bottles that have been sitting by the TV for who knows how long, I put the pair together sometime after Christmas. I then found my jamberry nail wraps that I got while my mom was here last October....guess what? Haven't touched them. The mask hubby put in my stocking, still unused. The crafts I want to get done, painting and stencils, nope boxes full of wood that sit in my garage that I need to clean again. Running again which is my stress reliever...went once, loved it but haven't gone since. While my mind was noticing all the things I haven't done it was also pointing out that I needed to clean every room in my house. It needs a maid badly. Dishes in the sink, legos (darn those little pieces), toys all over the place, paper from homework under the table, laundry needing folded, etc etc. Your a mom, you know the drill. It's hard to be joyful and postive when life is constantly hitting you with more. How many times have you gone to read a book and then notice a mess and take care of that instead? More then once huh?

I think it is so important to take time for yourself. This isn't a Mommy Time Out, it needs to be time just for you with or without friends. Maybe a bubble bath, mani/pedi and a good book or maybe a movie and dessert with some girlfriends. I realized I am horrible at this and I know other moms are too. We have the weight of the world on our shoulders and every one is always needing or wanting something. Other then having a friend do my hair every once in a while I don't really get ME time. I get shopping with 2 kids when the oldest is in school. I get time once they go to bed, but lets be honest....you can't enjoy it because your mind is racing with things you need to do so you feel guilty for enjoying anytime to yourself. I get little things here and there, but I really really want a night maybe once every other week that I have to do nothing except the things I want to. Something scheduled and that I can look forward to. I want to use that mask, and paint my nails. I want dessert and a movie with girlfriends. I want to shop without needing a purse full of snacks. I want painted nails, hair curled (but I don't have time to learn how) makeup done and to go have a fancy dinner with my husband. I want to take a bubble bath and read a good book. I want to sleep in and have breakfast made for me and the kids dressed. Your hearing a lot of "I wants" aren't you?

As moms, we run the home. We are what keeps everything going to smoothly. I truly, with my whole heart believe that we can NOT be the best mom if we are over worked, tired, stressed or feeling down. How can I teach my children the right way to handle life if I am not handling it the right way myself? I can't teach my son not to get angry about little things if I do it myself. We all know children learn by example, we need to be the best example we can. There will be days that you want to punch a hole in the wall, please don't! Do what you would tell your child to do, take 5 deep breaths and come back to the situation. By bedtime I know I usually go to bed angry...angry that I didn't clean more, play with the kids more, teach the kids more or anything else I can think of. I wish I could say I was exaggerating but I'm not. I am a very stressed person, I'm stressed that I'm writing this instead of cleaning and what about lunch? Guess I will eat it in the van again when I'm waiting to get my son from school. We are always so giving to others without a thought towards ourselves but then wonder why we are so stressed and ready to blow after something so small. We need to take care of ourselves too!!! We have such a strong influence on those cute little spirits in our homes. Don't you want to make sure that you are taking care of yourself a little so that you can better take care of those little ones??? I know I do, I want to teach my kids so much, I want them to be happy, loving, giving, sweet little things. I can't teach them those things by words all the time. It's my actions. Stress isn't something they need to learn from me. 

We need a break once in a while to get rid of those negative emotions towards ourselves and the world. We need to think of ourselves. It's ok to be a tiny bit selfish sometimes. A new shirt will help, or maybe staying up a little later to read a chapter from a book. A bubble bath would be amazing! You will feel so much better to think of you. It can't be an all the time thing, we are moms, the world will fall apart, but little moments I think can be daily. A whole night to yourself with your girlfriends once every other week or whenever you need it. It's nice to go out with others and be able to use our big kid words! 

So in a nut shell. Do something for you today, tomorrow and/or everyday depending on what exactly you are doing. Tonight I will paint my nails and even let them dry the old fashioned way....with air and time. Not ice cubes in cold water because pinterest told me to hurry. Tomorrow I will eat lunch at the table, while reading and enjoy the silence will my kids watch tv. I will find little moments every day to think about my emotional and spiritual well being so that I can be a better mom and example to my children. Heck, I will even plan a movie night with some girl friends soon...heels only, no flats! Friday night I want to find a babysitter and go out with my husband and maybe I won't put the kids to bed before I leave. It doesn't have to be this huge selfish act, that's never good. Something small daily will do the soul wonders. So take care of you emotionally, spiritually, and physically so that you can be a mom, wife, friend, daughter or random stranger!

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