How to cut boy's hair like a pro

With the cost of hair cuts, and having 2 boys, plus my husband and myself, hair cut cost adds up. Just for my little guys I walk out spending almost $30 after tip. It, in my opinion is just too much for kids cuts. So I am on a mission on learning how to cut hair myself. Self taught, and husband tested....pray for him! Tonight I will put everything to use that I have read here. This is the best detailed how to that I could find, and that I was comfortable with. Heavenly Homemakers is such a wonderful blog that I have found many things from, luckily, I found this hair cut how to!The YouTube videos just weren't helping. I'm nervous but I went and bought some $10 Barber shears from Target and I'm ready to go. If I screw it up, we will be buzzing hubby's hair short. Praying for a success though, I would love to cut hair cut cost. I will let you know tomorrow what happened........wish me luck!

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