Family Birthday Chart

Who is horrible at remembering birthdays? *raises hand in shame* I am horrible at remembering birthdays. We already forgot 2 birthdays this year, and would have forgotten a huge one but luckily we got a reminder. It's pathetic, my husband and I can never seem to remember birthdays. I don't have a calendar, and even when I did, I never used it.

 So this morning while going through blogs, I noticed my friend Christine posted this Family Birthday Chart that she made. Genius! I don't know how I will make one, because I'm not nearly as crafty as she is, but I will find a way. If you go to her site, she has all the how to's and everything you need on this project. Of all the people I know, she is the crafty queen, and I'm not lying! She is amazing at it all! Beautiful work Christine!

How stinkin' cute is that???  (image source)

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