Expert advice on no-spank discipline that really works

Two kids are wrestling over the toy clown their aunt made, voices rising as each demands the right to sleep with it.

Stephanie Mihalas, a licensed child and family psychologist in Los Angeles, believes some parents would swat the toddlers on the backside and send them to bed. She prefers putting the toy in time out until things settle down.

"Remove the toy for 15 minutes. Make a simple statement as you do it," said Mihalas, a clinical instructor at UCLA. "'You were fighting over the toy. I removed the toy. The toy will come back when you calm down.’ ”

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How to Talk to Kids About Tragedies

Need to know how to talk to your kids about tragedies? Considering all the horrible, sad things going on in Boston and around the world it's something on everyone's mind. I have thought about what do I say to my 4 year old if he were to ask. Luckily, came up with a simple and perfect way to talk to our sweet little ones.

Making Dinosaur Eggs

Need to know how to make a dinosaur egg? Just incase you were wanting to to make a few dinosaur eggs to hide in the backyard or sand box for your little guy to find, I found it for you. Only 2 ingredients to make these dinosaur eggs! I plan on making dinosaur eggs next week for my dudes and hiding them around our place and letting them dig and find them.

Teaching a Child to Make Their Bed

Who couldn't use more tips on raising responsible hard working kids? Click on the picture for more information.

Clean Painting Activity for Kids

I'm always looking for fun, clean activities for my boys. What a great idea to seal the paint in a bag!

15 Simple Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Our Elf on the Shelf,  Gum Drop, is such a hit in my home. Every morning Neacel comes running down the stairs reminding me that we have to find Gum Drop. Moods have been better, listening has been amazing, and I will be extremely sad to see him leave. One thing I do is move him around the area the kids found him that morning...he might be found hanging on a picture, a couple of hrs later when kids are playing upstairs, I move him to the lamp. It helps that my oldest thinks he is moving around when we aren't looking. Neacel no longer thinks he is fake...thank goodness for the movie Toy Story! I will admit, when 11pm rolls around and I haven't thought about what Gum Drop will do that night I want to throw a fit. It's late and I'm tired, I don't want to think of something clever at that point. Gum Drop showed up on the 1st of Dec during naps and has been a family friend since and I have been able to come up with some fun thing for him to do. Here is a little list of 15 simple ideas that we have done, or that I plan on doing:

1. Make North Pole brownies (add Christmas sprinkles) and egg nog to drink. It's Christmas time you know you can make some brownies quickly.

2. Have him write the kids a note. I did this after a horrible day. The note explained that Santa was sad and because they were naughty that they needed to do something nice for 2 people in order to get on the Nice list again. My oldest is coloring pictures for a friend and his Sunday school some cookies for them too. He has even talked about doing something nice for everyone he knows (YES! This mom is proud of that!)

3. Dye milk green. North Pole Elf Milk, of course its from North Pole cows

4. Hide him in the Christmas shelf display. I have a ton of Christmas things on a shelf, we just hid him and told the boys he is probably playing hide n seek

5. Draw on pictures with a dye erase marker.

6. Cut out snowflakes and hang them around the living room, or you can use extra Christmas tree ornaments.

7. Wrap pictures for Christmas. Glad the elf will do this and not me....sigh.

8. Snowball fight with action guys and barbies (mini marshmallows)

9. Bring special cups from the North Pole (.87 at Walmart, Christmas cups) fill with hot cocoa packets and marshmallows.

10. Snow Angel in powdered sugar

11. TP the Christmas tree (I can't wait for this one)

12. Red party streamers in front of their bedroom doors so they have to break through (Do on Christmas morning)

13. Roast marshmallows over a candle. (Obviously, roast when kids are sleeping keep on tooth pick and blow out candle. We don't want a fire!)

14. Red lipstick on noses while have been Rudolphed! Every participates, even you and husbands!

15. Empty ice cream container in the freezer, while the elf is sitting next to it with a spoon. Elves love ice cream!

These are simple oops I forgot ideas of mine. If you want to see what else I come up with follow me on instagram: MandyBurt86. I post my Gum Drop elf ideas everyday.
I love what Gum Drop has done to my kids so far and we still have about 2 weeks left with him. I think I need to come up with something for the rest of the year, maybe an angel?

Kids Drawing Key Chain

Your child's drawing on key chain for DAD.
via Formia Design by Mia Van Beek

I came across this on pinterest, and had to share it with everyone. Who wouldn't want a kids drawing on a key chain? It's the perfect gift for any family member. I know I would love for my husband to get one of these done. What a perfect way to keep a loved drawing with you for years. That first drawing that they are beyond excited to show you. The first one that they spent so much time on, just perfecting every little feature. If you get the drawing on a key chain, it can't get ruined like that paper that it was originally on. Now I'm all for original being best, but if the original was ruined, I would be heartbroken. So if you haven't found a Christmas present for your hubby, wife or grandparents, hurry and have your kiddo draw a picture and get this key chain ordered before it's too late!