Easy Valentine's Garland

If your anything like me your not crafty but you dream of it. Your head is full of amazing beautiful ideas but when you go to to them they are nothing but a pinterest fail. For me crafts need to be simple, cute, cheap and quick from start to finish. I have 3 kids running around, glue guns become something my boys want to use, glitter is something my daughter wants in her hair and on her nails and within an hour. I. GIVE.UP. My kids are awesome with their desire to help, it just comes at all the wrong times.

 I came across this easy little Valentine's Garland on pinterest. It looks easy, kid friendly, the needle worries me only because my 2 year old still has a habit of putting random things in her mouth. Luckily, I'm already needing to go to Walmart tonight, so I can grab some cute paint cards in pinks, reds and white and hopefully tackle this one tomorrow after chuch while everyone is napping. I am not crafty, but this one I think I can totally do. I also think it would be easy to change the shape and use this easy tutorial by Julie Ann Art to create other simple garlands. I will share the finished product here in a few days (hoping I can actually finish it before Valentines gets here). Over the next 2 weeks I will be sharing other Valentine's crafts that I am brave enough to tackle along with Valentines treats. Baking is my real passion so those will be easy.

Oh and I'm totally coming back to this whole blogging world. Its been a few years but now that I don't have a little baby, my oldest is in kindergarten, middle is in preschool and the youngest is the easiest terror I have home all day, I finally get some free time. (Thank you library for having all the fun movies my daughter wants)

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