Food Storage Plan

Pinned ImageIn a world filled with chaos and natural disasters, you never know when food storage is going to come in handy. In my church, food storage is talked about a lot. Consider if food insurance, it's there when you need it! We need to be prepared for any and every situation. It can be as simple as a blizzard that makes it impossible to get to the grocery store, a hurricane, or anything and everything else. We often think that it can be pricey to come up with enough food, not to mention were do you start? I started last year with couponing, I buy more of things that I really don't need right now that will last, and I rotate everything. I plan on getting this list started as soon as we have our own home. We don't have the room for all of this right now, and I'm content with what we have right now, but you can never have too much! This list is for 55 weeks of buying one thing. Easy right?

This list is perfect for anyone on a budget. It's for 2 people, and you double or triple depending on the number of people in your home. Each week you spend $10 (or $20, $30 etc) and most of these things you can get with coupons. You don't have to go in this order but you want to make sure you get everything on the list. This list will give 2 people enough food for a year!!!!

Week 1: 6lbs of salt
Week 2: 5 cans of Cream of Chicken
Week 3: 20lbs of Sugar
Week 4: 50lbs Wheat
Week 5: 8 cans of Tomato Soup
Week 6: 6lbs Macaroni
Week 7: 20lbs of Sugar
Week 8: 8 cans of Tuna
Week 9: 6lbs of Yeast
Week 10: 50lbs of Wheat
Week 11: 8 cans of Tomato Soup
Week 12: 20lbs of Sugar
Week 13: 10lbs powdered milk
Week 14: 7 boxes of macaroni and cheese
Week 15: 50lbs wheat
Week 16: 5 cans of Cream of Chicken
Week 17: 1 bottle of multivitamin (500 count)
Week 18: 10lbs powdered milk
Week 19: 5 cans of Cream of Mushroom
Week 20: 50lbs wheat
Week 21: 8 cans of tomato soup
Week 22: 20lbs sugar
Week 23: 8 cans of tuna
Week 24: 6lbs of shortening
Week 25: 50lbs wheat
Week 26: 5lbs honey
Week 27: 10lbs powdered milk
Week 28: 20lbs sugar
Week 29: 5lbs peanut butter
Week 30: 50lbs of wheat
Week 31: 7 boxes of macaroni and cheese
Week 32: 10lbs of powdered milk
Week 33: 1 bottle of aspirin (500 count)
Week 34: 5 cans of cream of chicken soup
Week 35: 50lbs of wheat
Week 36: 7 boxes of macaroni and cheese
Week 37: 6lbs of salt
Week 38: 20lbs of sugar
Week 39: 8 cans of tomato soup
Week 40: 50lbs of wheat
Week 41: 5 cans cream of Mushroom
Week 42: 20lbs sugar
Week 43: 1 bottle of multivitamin (500 count)
Week 44: 8 cans of tuna
Week 45: 50lbs wheat
Week 46: 6lbs macaroni
Week 47: 20lbs sugar
Week 48: 5 cans cream of mushroom
Week 49: 5lbs of honey
Week 50: 20lbs of sugar
Week 51: 5 cans cream of mushroom
Week 52: 5lbs of honey
Week 53: 20lbs of sugar
Week 54: 8 cans of tomato soup
Week 55: 50lbs of wheat

Total you will have:
500lbs of wheat
180lbs of sugar
40lbs of powdered milk (we get white and chocolate milk)
12lbs of salt
10lbs of honey
5lbs of peanut butter
45 cans of tomato soup
15 cans of cream of chicken
15 cans of cream of mushroom
24 cans of tuna
21 boxes of macaroni and cheese
500 aspirin
1000 multivitamins
6lbs of yeast
6lbs of shortening
12lbs of macaroni


  1. Just remember that whole wheat does you no good without a grinder to make use of it as flour. And if you are going to be truly prepared for a diaster plan on having no power and buy a non-electric grinder!!

  2. Honestly...if there were ever a disaster bad enough that you were eating food rations, you would likely be wishing for something a little more nutritious than 180 POUNDS OF SUGAR. What are you going to do, eat it by the fistful? That's just plain crazy. How about dried beans? Rice? Nuts? Seeds?

    This is very unhealthy.

  3. @Jessie Mez
    The sugar is for baking (bread, etc.), as is the wheat (flour).

    Of course you should supplement other items such as beans, nuts and seeds. But this list is a great start. In an emergency having fresh bread and soup would be fantastic; far better than a bowl of semi-cooked beans and a fistful of hazelnuts. But your point is taken.