Wacky Wedenesday

I love watching my boys spend time together. They are really growing up fast and I love that you can tell that they are becoming best friends. Although, they hit, throw things and scream at each other, there is something so sweet about the moments they spend together. Yesterday, Broden was laying on the floor being silly and Neacel ran over, laid next to him and started making silly faces. They both thought this was hilarious. Thank goodness for camera phones and being able to catch these little cute moments they have. I love my 2 boys more than anything. I'll be honest though, I hope this next one is a girl, I'm seriously outnumbered and I don't like it. Not to mention, this momma wants some pink around the house!!

Oh how I love and adore these boys, even though they do drive me nuts at times. It wouldn't be the same if they acted differently, their personalities are hilarious!

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