My Diaper Rash Cream Favorites

We all have been there, first baby gets a diaper rash and you kind of panic. You know the little one is in pain by the crying and you scramble for whatever diaper rash cream you received from your baby shower. It cures it after a few treatments and baby and you are happy again.
I wish this was the case in my home, luckily Neacel had one diaper rash, I used a blow dryer to dry it out and it was gone in hours. Yes, the blow dryer works if baby will let you use it. He had a horrible rash between 10-16 months, but we found out he was allergic to something in Luv's diapers. My little guy Broden hasn't been so lucky. He gets a rash no matter what, I've used everything in our budget and tried every wives tale out there. He gets them so bad and so often, but nothing seems to help him. I tried the blow dryer, and he freaked out. Luckily, I have come across 2 diaper rash creams that I make sure I always have in the house now. These are life savers. I do love the one more then the other, but the other is just as great...

My favorite diaper rash cream is Burt's Bees Diaper Ointment! It cured a horrible bleeding rash in less then 24 hours. Seriously moms, this is the best cream out there, in my opinion. It doesn't cost too much, more then I personally was able to spend, but I'll spend more on making my little guy feel better. Even after Broden will poop the ointment stayed on and kept his skin away from it, allowing it to actually get better. Most creams I've used disappear as soon as the little one tinkles! Not to mention its all natural, which I have never 100% supported but holy cow, this won me over!!!

My second favorite is Pinxav. A little tube was given to me in the hospital after having him and I loved it, but never bought it because being a family of 4 on a student budget is tough. Luckily, Walmart has a good size tube for $6.00 so I may have bought more then one tube. It stays on for the most part but not as well as Burt's Bees. It works well if the rash isn't that bad, but the bad horrible ones that my little guy gets, it doesn't help like I need it to as soon as I want it to, but I still love it.

Of course this is simply my opinion. I have tried other creams and nothing worked for me. Not saying it wouldn't for you. I will always have these 2 diaper creams in my home. I will reach for Burt's Bees first and then Pinxav.

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  1. If these ever let you down, one that work fabulously is Happy Heiny. It is Rx, but my doctor gave me a script without going in after I described the bleeding bum. Glad these are working for you though!!