Homemade Finger Paint

I'm really into homemade right now. I want to make everything on my own to save money and the experience to just say I have tried. I let my oldest finger paint once, and it was hilarious, he covered his body in it too. Now that he is older I'm thinking it's time to give him a chance and let him paint calmly (wearing a garbage bag and loads of newspaper around the table). In the back of my mind I'm yelling at myself for this idea, but at the same time, he will love it and have a blast. Isn't that what being a mom of boys is about? Letting your boys do things you know freak you out but seeing the fun they have is worth every mess and gray hair you get to take care of....
Here is a perfect recipe I found on Pinterest (my addiction). Quick and easy, and you can use baby food jars to store the paint. I know we all have those around the house.

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