Video from Santa

This is a fun little thing that people like to do every year. You can make a Free Personalized Video from Santa for your kids, or for adults. Santa will say your name, (or my dear friend if the name isn't on the list) and even tell you if you have been naughty or nice. You can add pictures of the people he is talking about and answer some questions about the person the video is for. This comes out really cute, and something any child would love to recieve.

I just got done making mine for Neacel, I'm going to show it to him later tonight. Just something along the lines of "ummm Neacel, you have an email from the North Pole?" This will get his attention.

This is an adorable way to remind kids that Santa is watching you, and knows if they have been naughty or nice!!! It's all free and doesn't take long to put together!!

Thanks Freebies 2 Deals for posting this deal!

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