Cyber Monday

Ok so I'll admit that I'm no super mom. I want to be able to post every amazing deal I can for today but I can't. The kids won't allow it and neither will my neglected home. I have cookies to take to some friends and a 3 year old that will be bouncing off the walls by 9am. So my best recommendation....check the sites! Everyone will have sales, Kohls, Walmart, Target, Amazon, NoMoreRack and the list just keeps going.
Check them throughout the day. I will post my favorite deals, and ones that I think the little dudes will enjoy. I just tried to get the Xbox 360 on NoMoreRack and it was sold out right after we got the page to load. So I will post deals as many deals as I can on here and on facebook. If you come across a great deal, let me know so I can post it for others to enjoy.

Also, this week I have a pretty awesome giveaway coming up....all I can say is photobook!

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