Keep Happy and Carry On

Is there a rule saying that bad days can't come back to back? If so, I need to know the book and page number to show it to my son. I need sanity, I need a chick flick, with some ice cream while painting my toe nails bright red for the holidays. My brain hurts from this morning, from stress, tears and fights. It hasn't been a pleasnt morning to be honest. These mornings can make or break my day and that needs to come to an end.
My dear sweet Neacel is pushing every button he can, he did this yesterday and we are right on the same path today. Nap time came 30 minutes early today for sanity reasons. It's moments like these that I wonder if I've done something wrong as a parent. Being a parent is something you learn to do, not a book you can read...and if it was a book can you imagine all the many different ones? In these heated moments is when it's most important to "BE HAPPY" and remember that he is such a young soul and needs to be molded by my husband and I. Bad days happen, it's life, it's what we do with them that will decide when the next one may hit. Yesterday, I broke, I raised my voice and used a lot of "timeouts" on his red plastic chair, sitting in the kitchen. I took away every amount of TV and treats that I could, he didn't care which just made me even more angry. I don't want today to be the same way. So while he and Broden are napping I'm going to calm down, relax a little, and get things done around the home.

So to help me come back to a calm state to handle the rest of my day I'm going to think positive and focus on things that make me happy about Neacel, and look past the bad day he is having. It isn't fair to punish him for having a bad day. I would hate if someone punished me for waking up on the wrong side of bed....I would have been punished a ton as a child!

So here are 10 things that I love about him
1. His hugs and kisses are the most sincere thing
2. His bright blue eyes
3. His little giggle
4. His energy (if I had half of what he has, I would be 20 lbs thinner)
5. His sweet spirit and love for church and the teachings we believe
6. His want to learn everything he can, he just can't seem to get enough
7. His love for his brother. He is always saying that he loves him and gives him hugs and kisses
8. He is so friendly, he doesn't care who you are or where you came are his best friend!
9. I love that he loves sports just as much as his daddy does.
10. Most of all, I love him for simply being him. Heavenly Father trusted me with this sweet spirit and love that spirit more then anything else in the world.

So here is my little moto to make it through today. I need to print this and frame it in our house somewhere so I never forget to Keep Calm and Carry On. Something so simple yet something we forget a lot.

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