Sirens Soul Jewelry Review

Real Clover Vintage Lucite Pocket Watch Shaped NecklaceMy husband bought me the best anniversary gift ever. Besides taking me to Columbus the weekend before, he bought me a vintage 4 leaf clover necklace. My 2 favorite things vintage and 4 leaf clovers! He even shopped on Etsy to find this beauty. I have always liked vintage, I love the look and the stories behind things. My obsession with 4 leaf clovers came from no where really, I remember going to girls camp with my church and one year found a 4 leaf clover. I put it between 2 pieces of tape and placed it on my mirror when I got home. I had it for many years until I moved and it was misplaced. I love that you really have to look hard to find one, they are so unique. My husband had found me a new one this past summer but it dried up before I got it between tape. So I was quite angry with myself. So he replaced it with this necklace. I will NEVER loose it. It even came in a cute box that I don't want to get rid of, not to mention the little card that I thought was adorable so I hung it up on the fridge. The etsy shop that he found it at is called Sirens Soul Jewelry. It's all vintage, rare, it's all beautiful! I wish I could buy more pieces(like the key earrings, bunny earrings and the paperweight necklace and earrings.)  I'm not a fan of gold but I love this necklace, so I went and bought my first pair of gold earrings!I think I'm becoming a fan of gold now. If you are looking for unique Christmas gifts please check out this shop, you will find pieces you can't find anywhere else. So go look at the shop, find something beautiful and buy it. We all know every women loves things that she won't see a million other women wearing when it comes to jewelry.

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