My 3 year old

Little Chub!
Since I introduced my youngest on his birthday its only fair to introduce you to my oldest, the one who made me a mom. Today isn't his birthday, it was Sunday, but life was too busy to sit and blog, plus we were out of town.

So Neacel (said like diesel but with a "N") is my oldest. Neacel turned 3 on Sunday and it's so weird to me to think that he is already that old. He isn't the 8lb 14oz 22in baby I brought home from the hospital. He loves life and is full of spunk. He is such a smart boy, and just loves everyone. He is such a blessing in our home and reminds us daily to just love life, relax and have some juice! He is such a loving boy, but can be a stinker when he want too. He made it clear this year that he wanted to do a friend party. I loved every minute of it. He told me who he wanted to invite and what theme (Toy Story) we had a blast Friday with all of his friends. Sunday I kept saying happy birthday to him, he would get so mad and tell me "It's not my birthday, there is no parties or presents! Stop saying that too me" Kind of made me sad that he thought that Friday and Saturday was his birthday, but I guess at 3 it's still difficult to wrap your mind about your actual birthday and what it's really about. Neacel was our surprise baby, we had him on the 13th of November and celebrated our first anniversary 3 days before he arrived. We are so blessed to have him in our life, and are so thankful that Heavenly Father has trusted us with this special soul.

Mommy, Daddy and Broden love you so much. Thanks for all your hugs and kisses, for your fun loving spirit and spunk you bring to the family. Thanks also for giving Daddy repair projects to do around the house, we wouldn't want him to get rusty!

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