Our Best Bites Cookbook Review

Our Best Bites: Mormon Moms in the KitchenMy sweet Mother in law sent me a new cookbook last week. If there is one thing people know about me it's that I love new cookbooks, not to mention I love to cook and bake new things! It's filled with some AMAZING recipes. Tonight I might go for homemade pizza's using a breadstick recipe and a homemade pizza sauce recipe....then the boys can put whatever they want on them. I might be to lazy for that tonight though....only time will tell. I sat here looking at each page/recipe. It's filled with bright colorful pictures (which are a must for me) of each dish. I would like to make every single thing in this book. Each recipe is simple to follow and doesn't have a list of a million ingredients, really user friendly. The spiral binding makes it easy to keep open which is a huge plus because Im tired of trying to keep some cookbooks open with spoons and what not, only to get the pages dirty, then they stick and tear later on...not a worry. Of all of my cookbooks, and I have a pretty good collection, this is one of my favorites. Easily in my Top 3! You can purchase the cookbook on Amazon for $14.73, and if you live in Utah Im sure Seagull Book carries it too!

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