Columbus Weekend Getaway

My husband and I went away for a little anniversary vacation. Since money is tight, and we have 3 birthdays, and an anniversary this month....not to mention Christmas pounding on the door, we decided to stay close to home. Columbus had plenty to offer and we were able to stay on a budget. We were able to book a room with Best Western in Hebron Oh through Orbitz for $13 that night. (retail for the room was $95) We ate at Mimi's Cafe that night with some family that I hadn't seen in 10+ years. Thanks to Mimi's for having a buy one get one half off coupon. We walked around Polaris Mall and scored a Buzz Lightyear toy for our oldest for only $25, Target and Walmart had a similar toy, not as cool for $35! Sunday we went to Schmidt's Sausage Haus for lunch. Amazing food! Not to mention they have 1/2 lb cream puffs. We then went and enjoyed sometime in Easton, walking around all the shops. I loved the Tiffany & Co. store, but what girls doesn't? It was a cheap local getaway and it was wonderful. Of course there are plenty of things to do, and we are planning on another trip to take the boy and do more family friendly things. (My boys hate shopping)

Vacations don't have to cost a lot, in fact I think total considering shopping the hotel and food we came in at under $150, which is great! I'll be doing reviews this week on each place we went to once I have the pictures. It's nice to get away without kids, it's even nicer when you don't break the bank!

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