Katmarval Photography Review

Yup, these are my little dudes! The ones I spend my days with, the ones that are making me go gray before 30 and make me love life more then anything. These two dudes are one of the biggest blessings in my life. I can't live without them.

I love this picture of my little dudes, playing in the leaves, there is no pushing or shoving. No taking toys from each other, just true brotherly love that they apparently don't like for others to see. A friend of mine took our family pictures last weekend, and I have to brag, they are amazing! She did an amazing job of capturing our personalities even though the wind was trying to blow us over. If you are needing some new pictures I recommend contacting Katelynn(katmarvalphotography@gmail.com

You can see some of her work here, as you will see, she has a talent. Her photos aren't overworked like a lot are now a days. They are natural and so pretty. This girl can make muddy shoes look pretty, I swear! She is fun to work with the gets the edits to you quickly.We got our photos in less then a week, and I can order prints as I want them. She edits the best ones and then emails you a link to download the photos. You then save them to your computer and print as you please. She also downloads them to Shutterfly so you can order through them if you choose. Katelynn is in the Cleveland area and currently does photos for a price that can't be beat. Christmas is around the corner and I know everyone is scrambling to get their pictures done. Email her, and see if you can get a photo date with her.

I love the photos of my boys and can't wait to get them printed and on the walls. Broden with the stick in his mouth is priceless! Neacel's blue eyes are perfect, and the innocent smile, it could be a trick. I love photos, it's freezing time for that second, having a permant memory that can never be erased. I will always remember family picture day, picking outfits, the stress of making sure the kids stay clean, finding the place and still making sure that Neacel doesn't follow the geese into the pond, or take a dive into the river...family pictures are a blast to have, but the process is stressful at times.

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  1. I have to say that they are ADORABLE!!! The stick in mouth made me laugh and think that my son would be doing the same thing! Everything goes in his mouth! :)