"But Daddy Isn't Home"

Neacel loves to watch certain shows in the morning, and is very picky about those shows. Well, yesterday he had a morning show and then had his 3 year check up. My husband took him while Broden and I went grocery shopping (truly a nightmare). Well, when I got home, I needed to put all the groceries away, make lunch for the kids and my husband. So I turned on a quicky show for Neacel. Hubby tells me that he has watched enough today. So off it goes. After hubby left for school about 15 minutes later Neacel goes and turns on the tv. I told him to turn it off. He responds with, "But daddy isn't home and now I can watch tv" I then explained that mommy and daddy are a team, if daddy says no to something then mommy agrees and the other way around. He then stomped off saying "I'm not happy about this. I don't like this rule." He was so mad that I was supporting what hubby had said. Oh well kiddo. Tv is ok in moderation and if it's the right shows. Neacel LOVES Jake and the Neverland Pirates, and pretends to be a pirate daily. Yesterday he found "gold balloons" and Broden was nasty Captain Hook Broden, he dug at the carpet with a shovel and counted to 10 when he found the "gold balloons" which was nothing more then a bouncy ball. He also loves Little Einsteins, and so does Broden. Other favorites are Mighty Machines, Max & Ruby, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Chuggington. Kid's love TV and movies, it's a fact. We just have to make sure what they watching and educational and not full of garbage!

You may ask why I picked that certain picture of him even though it has nothing to do with tv? This is the same blank stare he gets when one of his shows are on, nothing else matters!

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  1. ha Love this post!!! So great when parents stick together and work as a team and it made me laugh that he was't happy about that rule. :)
    and of course the gold "balloons" kids are so cute!!!!