We have a Button!!!

Remember my post about Cleveland Mommies and how I told you I was apart of the Salt Lake City Mommies before I moved to Utah? I also mentioned that I made some amazing friends out there, well one of those amazing ladies was kind enough to make a button for the blog! I have tried making one, and so has my husband, I knew what I wanted but couldn't get it done. Thanks to Michelle over at Enjoy Utah! the task is done, and its EXACTLY what I wanted. I don't even think I told her what I wanted exactly! So if you look to the right....over there, yup under the Facebook friends, you will see our adorable button. I'm hoping that you like this blog enough that your willing to post it onto your blog. It would make my little dudes so happy! I would be lying if I said it didn't make me happy. I love this blog, and I love what it's growing into. I hope everyone else does too. If you have an comments or suggestions, I want to hear them. Email me at raisingdudes@yahoo.com

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