My Sweet 1 Year Old

I wasn't going to put my kids on this blog but decided you should probably know that they are real. You hear about silly things they do, and will see pictures of them reviewing certain products, so I'm using today to introduce my youngest to you....

Happy 1st Birthday to my sweet Broden! He of course is our youngest and the past year has been such a joy to have this bundle of joy apart of our lives. Brody (as we call him) was 8lbs 4oz and 21 inches long. More hair then you can imagine! That explains the heartburn before I could get a positive test!!! He has rock star hair and lungs, I swear! Although I dream pink and want a little girl SOOOO bad, I love my little dudes. I love that the Lord has trusted me with 2 hyper, fun loving, sweet souls to raise. Broden just started really walking, and loves everything. Smiles at everyone and loves his big brother so much. This first year with him was tough at times, learning to be a mom of 2 was tough, then add that they are both boys....double trouble! I'm so proud of the toddler he is becoming. His personality just lights up a room. Mommy and Daddy love you Brody and are so proud of you!!!!

For his birthday we are taking him to dinner tonight (a tradition in my family) and then buying a little cake for him to smash into! I know my little chunk will eat the whole thing. Food is not an issue with him!!!

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