Happy Halloween

We just wanted to wish everyone a safe and fun Halloween! Be safe out there, but get plenty of candy! The boys and I are going trick or treating again tonight and my oldest is really excited. Why again? Because its free candy I need to get goodie bags put together for my oldest birthday with the candy we don't need. Of course we keep a huge chunk but you can only handle about 20 mini snickers before you want to throw the other 100 away! That is the candy of choice in my area. My oldest is completely in love with his costume, I have a feeling it will be worn out in no time because its going to become a weekly outfit, along with the Cars snow boots! Boys will be boys I guess!

So with all the candy your kids get, how much do you borrow? Do you check candy? Whats your favorite?

My husband and I will be eating the majority I'm sure. My oldest will get a fair amount and well little guy just doesn't need to know about all the goodies out there just yet. We didn't really check candy from the other night, but I remember my parents checking it every year when I was growing up. Don't have a good reason why I didn't, but I should because I would feel horrible if something happened to my boys. It's a priority tonight!!! My favorite this year is Kit Kat's! I swear I can't stop eating them, there isn't a single one left, and I'm not sure if anyone else in the house got one. Oops! Sorry boys!

Have a wonderful, fun, safe night with the kids!

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