Potty Training Disaster

My boys are keeping me busy as usual. My oldest is pretty much potty trained now, except when it comes to poop. He refuses! We have tried everything from bribing to punishishment, he doesn't care. He has told me he would rather go to time out with no ice cream than go poop on the potty. Stubborn much? When he does have to go he will hide, and then when you tell him to come here, he tells you not to look at the poop. He will hold it till he has a pull-up on at night, but big boy pants have had a recent increase of accidents too. It's a battle, and my husband and I are lost as to what to do.

As for the youngest, one day he was sleeping and his older brother was into everything; I needed to shower and knew I couldn't keep him walking around the house. So I put him in their room and let him play with toys. I told him if he had to go potty to hit the wall and I would get him as soon as I could. After my shower I walked by his bedroom door and could smell poop; nothing I haven't smelled before so I just kept getting ready. Then when I went to get him, his pants were missing! I asked him where they were and he shows me that they were under the crib. I don't see poop, but I can smell it. So I ask "Honey, did you poop?" He says "Yeah let me show you!" He closes his door and shows it to me; 3 big streaks across the wall, one on the door and a "pancake" that he was so proud of because it stuck to the wall. I was so mad, this was the first time he had ever done anything like this. It was gross, I made him clean up most of it, while he was telling me that it was disgusting. I took pictures but I'll spare you the sight of it; I'm sure most of you have seen your fair share from your own kids.

The whole thing made me want to scream, instead, I sent it to a website that always gives me something to laugh at. Luckily, since then he hasn't done anything else like that, but he still refuses to poop on the potty! We have even have offered to go buy the $40 Buzz Lightyear that he really wants and a potty party, but no luck!!! Anyone have any ideas on what to do with a boy that won't go pop on the potty? Please share your ideas in the comments section.

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