Poison Control

If you have boys, you have either already had to make a call to Poison Control or you are just waiting for the day you have to. I've had to call them a few times thanks to our oldest. Deoderant in the eye, not good, especially if its Secret. It can have aluminum in it and can scratch the eye. Rinse with water, and don't let the little man rub his eye. Hylands teething tablets.....he can eat the whole bottle and be fine. Thank goodness! Mentholatum, warm water in the eye and no rubbing again. Cascade dishwasher packs (swallowed) I can only help if they only digested a little bit....drink water drink water drink water! Obviously, you should always call Poison Control if you have any kind of question. I am in way shape or form telling you to not call and use my advice and experience! Save the numer in your cell so that at all times you have it. It's scary and I hate that my son isn't even 3 and I've called them way too many times. It's important as moms to be ready for anything these boys can throw at us. So go save the number and lock everything up in your home that isn't food or a toy!

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