IX Trick or Treat Street!

Today was a blast! We were able to take the boys to IX Trick or Treat Street. Perfect for kids, rides, candy and everything is for kids 10 and under. Not too scary but enough. My almost 3 year old LOVED it. The rides I think were a huge hit for him. Both boys wore their costumes, Spiderman and a monkey. I think we saw at least 4 other Spidermen with built in muscles. If you didn't make it this weekend and want to do something fun next weekend, other then going door to door for candy, make the trip out there with the kids. They open at 11am on Saturday, so you could easy make the drive, enjoy the place, head home and trick or treat later that day. We were there for about 2 1/2 hours and it was more then enough times. Some rides had longer waits then others but nothing bad at all. We were able to walk onto most of the rides. Tickets are $12 and parking is $8. Tickets are for trick or treating and the rides (pony rides cost $5 and putt putt was $2) You can get tickets from Drug Mart its only $9.99. Big perk for parents is you get a ticket for free admission (one per parent so we were able to get 2) You'll receive one FREE I-X Indoor Amusement Park ticket valid for opening day only-Friday, March 23rd, 2012!! I know we will be going to that next year. Now that we only have to pay for one child, possibly 2. So empty the piggy bank and take the kiddos next weekend or even tomorrow if you want!

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