Real Bellies

So it's no secret that women want to look perfect and that Hollywood sets the standards for most. Perfect hair and makeup, dressed in nothing but the best, beautiful jewelry, and most of all perfect bodies, let's narrow it down even more...flat tummies! I know I beat myself up over it, that I could be thinner and have a much better tummy if I worked out more, ate healthier and really kept my motivation once I do start those things. How many times have you thought, I wish I had a stomach like hers? I know I do, daily probably? I feel that after 2 kids born by c/section one was 8lbs 14 oz and 22in, and my second was 8lbs 4 oz 21 in (and for the record, this momma is only 5ft tall!), I should learn to love what I've been blessed with. I should look at my scar and stretchmarks as a baby making trophy.

My husband sent me this article, and I couldn't help but to think "I want a picture of my stomach on the gallery" then reality and fear set in. The xoJane Real Girl Belly Project is amazing, its a gallery of tummies, each with their own little story. Each earned in their own special way. Go read the article and take time to look at each tummy and read what the owner wrote about it. I'll be honest, I got teary eyed because I know that this is my biggest struggle, I need to just learn to love me. It's not just me though, it's everyone. Many of my friends on facebook that are mothers, we all are obsessed with working out, diets, and trying to get back to the flat 16 year tummy, when in reality we should be proud of the belly button piercing scar we have for being spontaneous and rebellious, the stretchmarks from each pregnancy, a c/section scar to remind me that my children were born safely, etc.

So I encourage all of you, and myself, to do something this week/weekend to boost your confidence. It can be anything. I know right now, I need to buy a bathing suit for a water park we are going to in 2 weeks. I'm terrified, but thrilled that my old one no longer fits.  Maybe instead of a longer one piece I'll reach for the tankini. Maybe you could go buy a shirt that you thought made you look silly, but you love it...who cares! If you love it then go for it, others can learn to love it. Maybe you will take a picture of your stomach and send it to the xoJane Real Girl Belly Project  ( The possibilities are endless. We can't let Hollywood women tell us who we should be. We should love ourselves, curves, stretchmarks and all.

P.S That isn't my tummy, that was a brave soul over in the gallery. If I looked like that, I'd be thrilled!


  1. you are amazing!
    I was awarded with the Liebster award today and I am passing it on to you!

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  2. This is so amazing! I struggle so much with my looks so different now. Even though I have lost all the weight and then still looks WAAAY different! I too had my little guy via c-section. I love my scar though.... i still am coming to terms with my stretch marks. I went from 156 at nine months pregnant to 115 four months post-partum and still there...but ya having kids changes your stomach for sure! I really want to do the photo thing though! Sounds so neat! Btw, your stomach is not bad at ALL! for having two kids!!!! i found you via Nat's Knapsack

  3. Great post! I found you through bloggy moms, hopefully you can return the follow,

  4. you look great!!! Can I just tell you that I dreamed about my belly last night- it was horrible haha! I do have to say that I don't mind my c-section scar either. I am glad it is low, but it is my reminder.
    I need to jump in and buy a bathing suit too... im still nervous about that. :) Thank you for this post and the information/link

  5. Girls, I wish I could take credit for that tummy, but that isn't me. Thats a brave soul from the actually gallery. I don't own anything tie die, or cute cheetah print comfy pants.