It's Healthy Mom

My oldest knows that we eat healthy snacks in the house and I love it. I love that he runs to get a pear, apple, banana anything healthy. He is so excited that fruits and veggies are the one thing we don't put a limit on. This boy can eat by the way. So yesterday he was eating a banana and the top fell off, because he is picky he freaks out and won't eat the top. I keep telling him to and then he turns around and says "No mom you eat it" I told him no and that I didn't want it. He wasn't taking no for an answer. "Mom, eat this banana, its healthy and good for you. Its so yummy your tummy will be happy" I kept telling him no thank you and that I wasn't hungry, he told me I was hungry. So I told him that banana's make me sick (I'm allergic to them when they are raw) he looks at me puzzled and starts laughing telling me that they can't make you sick because they are healthy. I just told him that they do make me sick and that then I wouldn't be able to play for a while. He then puts the rest of his banana down and says "Yeah they make me sick too" Oh dear! Luckily, he ate one this morning and forgot the whole thing. Hopefully he doesn't remember that conversation.


  1. Haha kids are so cute!! I can't wait to hear all the things my little guy is going to say :)

  2. This brought back memories, not the conversation but having healthy fruits in the home.
    I have raised my two daughters and now they are grown. While they were growing up, we always had a fruit bowl on the counter or table. If they were hungry between meals, they would help themselves to the fruits. When I visit them at their own homes, there is always a fruit bowl filled with fruits! So, they do learn and take with them what they grew up with while growing up. I smile every time I see their fruit bowls!

  3. Boys are just too much fun! It's amazing what things stick and what all they remember.