Kids Drawing Key Chain

Your child's drawing on key chain for DAD.
via Formia Design by Mia Van Beek

I came across this on pinterest, and had to share it with everyone. Who wouldn't want a kids drawing on a key chain? It's the perfect gift for any family member. I know I would love for my husband to get one of these done. What a perfect way to keep a loved drawing with you for years. That first drawing that they are beyond excited to show you. The first one that they spent so much time on, just perfecting every little feature. If you get the drawing on a key chain, it can't get ruined like that paper that it was originally on. Now I'm all for original being best, but if the original was ruined, I would be heartbroken. So if you haven't found a Christmas present for your hubby, wife or grandparents, hurry and have your kiddo draw a picture and get this key chain ordered before it's too late!

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