Nikon Coolpix S8200 Review

Nikon COOLPIX 16.1 MP CMOS Digital Camera with 14x Optical Zoom NIKKOR ED Glass Lens and Full HD 1080p Video 
 I haven't had a nice digital camera since I can't remember. My last one broke sometime in November, it just quit working one day, and of course isn't under warranty anymore. Well, before we went to Utah I was telling hubby how its breaking my heart that I'm missing out on so many pictures of the boys and that we needed to buy a camera. After debating between a nikon and a canon, I picked up the Nikon Coolpix s8200 to waste time waiting for hubby, knowing it was about $30+tax more then we wanted to spend. Isn't there a rule about not looking at something you know you can't afford? I fell in love, it had features that we both liked. I had to give up some zoom but that's a small price to pay. This camera is awesome! My old camera gave me blinking pictures of my children all the time. All of Brody's pictures he either is "camera sleeping" or "camera drunk" I don't have many good pictures of him till now. No more blinking pictures. The shutter speed is quick enough that I get good pictures before they are gone. I love the micro mode, I'm getting the most beautiful close up pictures of clovers (my favorite). The video is awesome, and I'm not one to normally take videos, but I can hear them clearly and the picture is crisp. I can go on and on about how much I love this camera and about how awesome it truly is. I love the features, I love the way the pictures turn out, I love everything about it. If it's out of your price range...either save some more money or make the splurge to get it, it's worth every penny!
(I have not been asked to do this review, these are my own true opinions on the camera)

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 Catch those summer evening shots around the bonfire, or freeze the action of the winning goal. Fast, responsive and boasting an incredible 14x optical Zoom-NIKKOR ED glass lens, the Nikon COOLPIX S8200 will help you capture images you may previously have missed. Its 16.1-MP CMOS sensor crisply renders your view of the world—whether low light, far off fast action or sweeping panoramas. Capture sharp, clear photos and Full HD (1080p) movies using Nikon's incredible optics. Spice up stills and movies with special effects, and view everything on a 3-inch, ultra-high resolution (921,000 dot) display. 

16.1-MP CMOS sensorSee whats possible
 Capture what most cameras cannot If your old camera never quite captured the moment, the S8200 will! It boasts a high-resolution, 16.1-MP CMOS sensor so you get superb image quality—even in low light. With fast, versatile, continuous shooting modes, you can capture those spontaneous moments shot after shot. Then show family and friends your movies and still creations on the 3-inch ultra-high resolution (921,000 dot) display. Stylish and compact, the S8200 tucks into a pocket but packs brilliant performance and advanced features.

 From macro to mountains
14x optical Zoom-NIKKOR ED glass len  14x optical Zoom-NIKKOR ED glass lens Despite a slim profile of approximately 1.3-inches, the S8200 delivers amazing versatility with an incredible 14x zoom (25mm to 350mm equivalent). Imagine creating macro images of a bumblebee in a spring flower, then zooming out to frame a mountain range for a panorama. With the S8200, you can go from wide-angle to telephoto to macro/close-up views in an instant, preserving photos or movies of most everything from grandstand crowds to a stage performer's smile.

 Put your memories in motion 
Full HD (1080p) movies with stereo sound Full HD (1080p) movies with stereo sound A single photo may not always be enough to recreate the moment; sometimes memories are best shared with a movie. Portable and ready when important things happen, the COOLPIX S8200 lets you create stunning Full HD (1080p) movies with stereo sound at the touch of a button. You'll love its ability to zoom in and out at will—while keeping subjects in focus. Stylize your story with one of various special effects or by recording in 15, 60 or 120 fps for fast/motion effects. Life doesn't stand still; neither should your memories.

Innovative scene modes
 Automated versatility Easy Panorama, Night Modes, HDR and more! 
 Maybe you've wanted to create panoramic photos but thought they were too difficult. Maybe you've tried shooting photos at night but they never turn out. The S8200 takes the guesswork out of shots like these and more with handy Scene Modes at the ready. For sweeping panoramas, simply pan the camera and let it detect and automatically combine images to build a gorgeous vista. Going out at night? The S8200 takes great low-light photos. You can even create amazing HDR shots in-camera. The S8200 does the work.

 Discover your inner artist 
In-camera effects In-camera effects for unique results Let the artist in you go from ordinary to extraordinary! With a variety of in-camera effects, such as Low Key, High Key, Hard Monochrome, Nostalgia Sepia or Selective Color, your world takes on a new dimension. The S8200 provides you the tools to fashion photos and movies with more than just your great eye—just select an effect and go! For your still photography, bring out your creative side with a fisheye, miniature or even an artistic look. Finally, you can make the kinds of photos and movies you've always wanted to make.

High-speed continuous shooting High-speed continuous shooting 
 You'll never miss a shot with the S8200 because it starts right up, has a quick autofocus and shoots five shots in approximately one second at full resolution.

Best Shot Selector
Strength in numbers 
 You'll always get a great shot with Nikon's Best Shot Selector. Press the shutter once, and the S8200 takes up to ten shots and then selects and saves only the sharpest image.

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