Summer Frozen Fun


Want to find a way to keep the little dudes happy for a while? Even if it's really hot outside, this is a perfect way to keep those busy hands busy. Thank you to Counting Coconuts for the idea. I can imagine Neacel digging at this forever, Brody I don't think would care about much other then the feel of the ice, but that's OK. Still keeps them busy!

She freezes everything in layers and then gave her son different tools to try and break/melt the ice. (sugar, sand, hammer,  salt, warm water etc. I'm sure you have somethings around the house) So not only are they having fun, but learning from it too. You could do random toys or themed. The one pictured is water creatures and some gems. I would think you could spend $5 at the dollar store and have a ton. You could do this in a bowls, cups, plastic tubs...any size is perfect. I saw one comment on the post said she froze a few in cups and put them in the bathtub and they pretended they were icebergs! Genius for a rainy day fun....

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