Liam's Loft

You know how you see a million cute things across the internet but when you see the price you keep wishing it was cheaper? Well, thanks to Liam's Loft, you can now get those really cute boutique inspired items for almost nothing! They have things for us moms and the kids. I love that they don't leave the boys out and have adorable stuff for them too. Every day (Mon-Fri) at 7am MST they post a new deal. It's a one day deal, so if you love it, grab it. Today they have a beautiful statement necklace for 60% off the original price. STEAL!!! I usually just tag my hubby in the picture of the deal for the day and tell him I want it for Christmas :-) You should also follow them on facebook and pinterest, just to make sure you don't miss a single thing. Also, the Friday deal usually runs through the weekend, but who wants to risk them running out? Grab it on Friday!

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