Life With 3 Kids....

I heard it all before I had our little girl, "Three kids is a nightmare" "You will never want to have another" "you thought two was tough? Three will have you crying." Well, we are 2 months into having three kids and both hubby and I have said that three isn't as bad as people made it out to be. Yes, my house looks like Katrina came through here, and maybe a tornado in the middle of the night. Sure, my hair is always in a pony tail and I have little to no makeup on and my kids are in comfy clothes (aka clean pj's) but I haven't pulled any hair out yet. I do have more gray but that's ok, that's what blonde highlights are for! Neacel and Brody adore their sister, and even when they are being rough with each other, they watch out for her. The only thing that has been tough has been all the crazy adjustments. A week after I had her, Neacel started soccer, a week after that, hubby started his internship, the following week Neacel started preschool and then each week it seems hubby gets more clients. Of course, its great but there is no consistency and that's what makes it tough in the beginning  I love my kids, I love their smiles and giggles but running here and there, and trying to manage a house is a lot. I just started with keeping my kids, alive, fed and happy. You can't ask for much more right? Now I'm adding the house, actually I'm procrastinating with all I need to do today. Perfect time to start blogging again huh? When my house is begging me to clean it.

A little about our newest addition. Macey Reese was born on August 8th at 1:38pm. She was 7lbs 10oz and 21 inches long. She has dark hair and her eyes are going to to blue. I can tell only because they are identical to big brother Neacel's eyes when he was a baby. Praying she gets his bright blue eyes. She is such a calm baby. So different from my boys. She always wears a headband, and yes at 5 days I painted her toenails hot pink and paint her toenails often. Don't judge! After 2 boys, I couldn't resist. She is sleeping around 5 hr chunks at night, which is the biggest blessing of them all. She loves the colors pink and purple, her favorite food is milk and she loves smiling and sleeping. What more could I ask for? I am so wrapped around her little finger, there is something special about the bond between a mom and her daughter. Even the boys are in love with her. Brody is always giving her kisses, and Neacel is always talking about how much he loves her and how adorable she is. They are amazing big brothers, and I pray that all 3 of them always have the love for each other that they have now.

These newborn pictures were taken when she was only a week old by a good friend. She also did the top picture of the kids all together. Amazing aren't they? Rachael Cook Photography does amazing work, so if you are in the Akron area or willing to travel then have her do some pictures for you. I couldn't be happier with all my pictures. Tough part is, I have no idea which ones to print and put up around the house.

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