My Favorite Beauty Blog

Raise your hand if you barely wear makeup? Raise your hand if your like me, and stick to simple because you are absolutely clueless on what your doing? Well, thanks to the wonderful world of pinterest, I have found my new favorite beauty blogger. Cara runs Maskcara and is amazing at what she does, she is confident, beautiful, honest and down to earth. Not to mention she is a mom too, so she knows how it is to try and look your best with a little one running around. I spent nap time one day reading and taking everything in. I learned so much and since then have tried a few new things. Not to mention found my new favorite eye liner and mascara thanks to her.

Here are a few of the must see posts of hers:
Mommy Makeup
Getting Started with Makeup
Twirl Curls (which I need to buy a curling iron to try)
Clad in Mom Clothing

Of course, there is months and months worth of good beauty information. You would need hours to read it all. Let's be honest though, what mom has hours to sit and read? Those are my personal favorite starter posts. She also will copy looks of celebrities and tell you how to do it and what makeup she used. Amazing isn't it? If there is a certain look you want to see, you can email her and might get lucky enough that she will try it. Here is a link to all her contact info: instagram, facebook, youtube etc. You know your interested and can't wait to go buy some new makeup to try things out.

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