Christmas Family Home Evening

In our family we take one night a week and really spend it with each other. We call it family home evening, a night to be a family with no distractions. No phones, computer or anything, just focused on spending time together. Sometimes there can be a lesson, other times it can be about whatever we feel we need to talk about. Sometimes it's as simple as watching a movie together with popcorn and blankets. Tonight we are going to go get new ornaments for the tree and make a gingerbread house. I'm thinking we will even read The Nutcracker. I really am trying to teach Neacel the true meaning of Christmas. That it isn't about the gifts and toys, candy sweets and parties. Its about Christ and his birth, about giving to others, being with family and helping those in need.

 I really want my son to understand the true meaning. I don't want him to think its all about gifts. I had him pick out a present for Brother Broden, and I had Broden pick out one for Neacel. They will pick out a present for each of us, and will be the one to give it to that person. No middle man mom or dad on Christmas morning with those gifts. I think in the world now, kids just want want want this time of year. I have a 3 year old who says "I want that" with every toy commercial he sees. So tonight, I'm going to talk about giving to others. We will be baking cookies this week and give  them to neighbors and friends. It will be a simple lesson, nothing too much for his little brain to try and grasp. Just a simple, giving to others makes people happy. He will ask many questions and we will answer them. If the Salvation Army bell person is out at Target, even though we don't have it, we will give what we can because someone else needs it more then us. We gave our old kitchen table to a family that had nothing and I've tried to explain to Neacel that giving to others makes us feel better and makes them happy. He seems ok with the concept till its giving something he wants! He found a Christmas present of his the other morning and freaked out when I said it was for someone else...I don't want him to be like that. Yes, I know he is only 3, but if he can remember how to work DVR, cover his mouth when coughing and many other things, then giving to others should be a breeze!!!

This week, try and teach your little ones something special about this holiday season. If I hear "I want" out of Neacel's mouth anymore, I might cut the word out of the dictionary and burn it! Take that Webster!!!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday! Tomorrow I will be posting a review and a giveaway!!! Stay tuned.

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