Krome Photos Review and Giveaway!

Krome Photos 
In a perfect world we could upload photos and tell an editor how we want them to look. Then they put all the photos you want in a photobook for you, you can tell them how many images you want used and how many pages you want in the book. That amazing editor does all the work. You sit back, relax, chase the little ones, sip some coffee (or in my case hot cocoa) and in a few days you recieve your online copy of the book. You then can order it if you like it, or if you want somethings changed you email your editor and make sure its done just the way you like. Sounds almost too good to be true right??? WRONG! This service actually exisit! (hear the angel choir?)

Krome Photos does all this, I uploaded my wedding pictures, and within a day or two I recieved all my "kromed" photos to make sure they looked the way I wanted. They were beautiful of course, you can even look at the before and after, which really helped me to see what all was done. Then I told them I wanted a photobook and a few days later I recieved my online copy. They choose the best photos to put in the book, so not all of mine were in there....out of 90 something I only did 75 photos. They captured the right ones, and the book tells its own cute little wedding story without words! Now let me yell this part....IT'S A FREE SERVICE! NO charge for anything right now unless you order a book, and at that point the prices are fair for what you are getting! This is perfect for moms who love to have yearly books of children, family etc. I have wanted to do a wedding book for years, but never have time to put one together. Not to mention when a sale pops up everyone else is trying to grab it so the site runs slow...not with Krome Photos. You don't have to worry about a deadline for a sale, about finding time to put it all together or anything!!! Click to preview book

Here is my photobook cover that they did. The quality is great, this picture doesn't give it justice I swear. Picture on here looks grainy but the print is perfect. It took about a week from when the book was ordered to recieve it. But I'll be honest, I love it. I love everything about the book. Im glad that after 4 years I finally have a wedding book! The print quality is really nice, everything is so wonderfully done. I got a hardcover book and I would like to see my kids try and distroy it. Ok not really! In total I think it took about a week and a half to upload photos, have them edited, in a book and ordered. Not bad for not having to really do anything huh??? (link to full photobook if you want to take a look)

How does winning a 20 page book sound? The book will be edited and shipped free of cost! Pretty awesome right? And again, all you do is upload, approve, order. Simple as pie or cake, which ever you prefer. Well Krome Photos is going to give one reader a chance to get a photobook! Let's all say thank you!

Well use the rafflecopter form below to enter. But here is my suggestion....go ahead and make an account with Krome Photos and upload photos, go ahead and have them edited and a book that if you are the lucky winner you can order your book instantly and have it in time for Christmas! And if you aren't the winner you can still order a book in time for Christmas!

Giveaway Details: Winner will recieve one 20 page book with any number of pictures. Giveaway ends on Dec 14th at 12:01am. I will email the winner and that person has 48 hours to respond or I will choose another winner. You can do one or all of the entries. One entry per person...not daily!

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