Golf Cart and a 3 year old

Let me start this by telling you about my oldest, Neacel. He is such a ball of energy. He is interested in everything and loves to learn. He has the sweetest smile and bright blue eyes that make you melt. You can't let those things fool you though. He can be a stinker at times!! (PS, the picture is from out family pictures taken by Katmarval)

Yesterday, we had the opportunity to go hang out with some friends from church. I was so excited because we were going to an indoor soccer field that my friends brother in law runs. The kids can run and run until they are content. Well, the play date was going great. Everyone getting along, my boys using all of their energy having races with the other kids and playing the kid version of soccer. Then the brother in law who runs it, who I'm going to call "M", came in and said he was going to put the kids to work at another field. So we all go over there and he has them picking up garbage off the field. Of course it became a contest to see who could get the most, and everyone won! Then "M" was taking kids for rides on the golf cart around the field. Neacel was loving it! The look on his face said it all. I was so glad that he was having fun and that I was getting to know another mommy in the area. (I haven't had the best of luck with meeting friends who are people I can get along with, its sad but so many people are caught up in a worldly things...and I'm not like that at all).

Well, at this point all of the kids have had rides and "M" is out of the golf cart talking with family. Then the golf cart is moving towards me, I'm holding my 1 year old and then realize my 3 year old is driving the cart. I panic, I grab on the best I could and yelled at him, hoping to scare him enough that he will take his foot off the gas petal. My arm starts hurting from holding onto a moving golf cart so I let go. Neacel crashes the cart into the corner of a wall, right be the goal net. I panic over a few things, is he ok? Is there damage to anything? Crap, we are never going to be invited again! I was so embarrassed but so worried about Neacel. (this is curious nature for him, he loves to see how things work, and once he knows, he wants to try) He gets out of the cart and looks and "M" and says "I'm really sorry" and comes running to me crying and shaking.

Part of me is angry, the other part is worried about him. So we make sure he is ok and he is just feeling horrible. Crying and kept saying sorry. I decided not to punish him, the fear was enough at that point. OH and my 1 year old....crying and freaking out too! He got scared over me yelling and running after Neacel. Luckily, everyone and everything was ok. Thank goodness! All day yesterday Neacel kept talking about how he crashed the "car" and that it scared him. All day I'm thinking, we are never going to be invited to another play date there, or if we are, Neacel won't be getting golf cart rides!

On a funny note....this morning, Neacel was playing with bouncy balls. Then he puts them in him under roo's (underwear) and says "hey mom look! Now I have 4 balls!" Oh dear that child is the reason I have so much gray hair at 25! I love this kid though, he keeps life exciting and fun! Never a dull moment with Neacel around!!!

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