New Years Crafts for Kids

Sorry I haven't been around much, between holidays and everyone in our home sick, the couch and I have become one. But don't worry! I'm back just in time for New Years. This year my family will be going to First Night Akron, home after 9 so the kids are in bed, and I'm sure I will pass out on the couch by 11. Yeah I'm lame and can't stay up late. But if you aren't going to First Night in your area and plan on going to a party here are a few easy things to keep the kids busy:

Confetti Bomb
New Years Piggy Bank for Kids
New Years Fireworks
New Years Eve Hats
Noise Maker

Here are a few tradition ideas from Jenn, over at My Delicious Ambiguity. The list couldn't be any better. I love every idea she has on here, perfect for kids of any age!

  • Bubble Wrap Stomp: Unroll a large roll of bubble wrap and let the kids jump on it and pop it when the clock strikes midnight.
  • Time Capsule: Decorate a box to use every year.  Fill it with special things for each of you.  This can include pictures, stories and trinkets. Then the following year open it up!
  • Host a pajama party: Dress up in your pajamas, eat junk food and pop in a movie or watch the countdown on TV.
  • Play the Flashlight limbo: Clear a floor space, get out two flashlights and turn out the lights.  The two people with flashlights shine them together and the others have to limbo under the light.
  • Blessings Jar: Whenever you recognize a ‘blessing’ in your life throughout the year, just write it on a piece of paper, fold it up, and stick it in The Blessing Jar.  On New Years Eve, dump out all the blessings from the entire year and go through it together as a family.
  • Decorate a New Year’s Tree: Take off all of your Christmas decorations and let the kids decorate the tree with anything they can find around the house or at the dollar store. Why not craft a few decorations of your own?
  • Dress up: Have the kids wear their party dresses and finest suits. Get swanky with fancy hats and jewelry or make masks like a real grownup’s New Year’s Eve ball. 
  • Decorate the house:  Let the kids go crazy with streamers and balloons or build a tent in the living room to not sleep in. 
  • Plan the games. Make a list of possible activities such as Twister, a treasure hunt, charades and 20 questions. Be quick to switch to a new game if interest starts to wane. 
  • Have the kids write down their goals for the New Year. Yes, it’s a cheesy mom thing to do, but it’s also a nice tradition to start. 
  • Eat dinner by candlelight: Put a special tablecloth on the dining table, bust out the finest silverware or have an indoor picnic. As long as it's special and out of the ordinary the kids will love it!
  • Make fancy drinks: Real champagne for you & bubbly juice or Gingerale for the kids. 
  • Watch the Fireworks or light sparklers of your own
  • Letters or year interview of the kids: Ask your children questions about themselves that are age appropriate and expand the list every year. Or have them sing you their favorite song, play something they've learned on the piano or show you a new dance move.
  • Countdown Goodie Bags: Grab a few small gifts and fill brown paper bags with the goodies (1 for each hour of the countdown).  Then draw clocks on the front so the kids know which ones to open.
  • Make some noise:  Get out pots, pans and lids and have the kids bang them together at midnight. 

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  1. Jenn, you have shared great ideas for perfect party planning. It will be really helpful to all!