Homemade Carpet Cleaner

When we first moved into our town home less then a year ago, the carpets were nice and clean. Not perfect but clean and no major spots. Add 2 growing messy boys and in exactly 10 months those carpets are a mess. The other day I got bored and since I'm on a homemade cleaning supply kick I decided to look up different carpet cleaners and try a few. Well, we only managed to try one. Shaving cream, not gel just the basic $1 can at Walmart. Our youngest had a bottle of red punch, (seriously what was I thinking) and had spilled it a few times. Just a little drop or two but on light carpet red shows up wonderfully! Hubby was looking for the spot shot, which in my opinion never worked anyways, and I told him to grab his shaving cream. He seriously thought I was joking. But in the 4 years of being married, he has learned to listen to little things I've said. So a few minutes later and a little shaving cream. Those spots are gone! Not pink or anything. Shaving cream did the trick. I'm going to keep a few cheap bottles in the house, and plan on spot treating the whole living room later today or tomorrow. 

Another removal method, Ivory soap! I'm sure plenty of you have that in your home, along with shaving cream. I haven't tried the Ivory soap, but I do have a bar with a rag waiting to give it a try later today. Lucky for all of us, I came across this really cool website, Barefoot Lass's Carpet Stain Tips, she has them all. Every homemade carpet stain removal you can think of. Also, I did get to try one spot that had been there for a while with the shaving cream....it's gone! Maybe, I'll cover the living room carpet in shaving cream then use a broom to scrub it and get everything done quicker! I think that might end up being a big mess, that I would just walk away from!

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  1. Oh I am going to try this, and you my friend, will be my hero!!