North Pole Christmas Party- Enjoying The Small Things Style

Enjoying the Small Things
One of my favorite blogs to read is Enjoying The Small Things. Kelle writes in such an amazing way that you totally feel the spunk and love behind each word. I wish I could meet her, she is such a loving person and not to mention her style rocks, and her girls Lainey and Nella are as cute as buttons. Well, the inspiring and talented Kelle did it again. She did one of the cutest children's Christmas parties I have ever seen, and I've seen quite a few!

She sent out cute invites for the kids and mommies, telling them to wear jammies, along with party details. Her house was decorated, every inch! Lights, signs, bells, inflatable snowmen, snow flakes, you name it she had it covered! Kind of like Christmas came and took over her house. There was milk (from North Pole Cows) and elf favorite cookies and Sugar cookies served, the kids made reindeer food. (she had jar decorated for the kids to put food in) The food was oatmeal, raisins, cocoa, red and silver glitter, bread crumbs, and flying powder. The kids were told to sprinkle the mix in their driveway for the reindeer to eat while Santa was delivering the presents. How stinkin cute is that?

Then there was a letter from Santa, telling the kids that he had lost somethings around the neighborhood and asking them if they could find those things. Jammies, flashlights and all, those kids were on the hunt. Of course, Kelle had someone dressed up as an elf running around and hiding from the kids. The kids would tell in excitement, that they had seen an elf. (this is wear all the waterworks I was trying to hide, came a flooding!) The night ended with "T'was the Night Before Christmas" read to all the kids and the cutest Sweet Dreams pillow mist for everyone to take home!

People, if you have never read her blog, go ahead and add it to your favorites. Read Nella's birth story. Kelle is an amazing mother, writer and friend. At least once a week, something she writes makes me cry. Her "Party at the North Pole" post did! I cried, like a 25 year old baby! When we have a home, I will steal this idea, every detail. Sorry Kelle, can't help it if you are that amazing!

So if you are wanting to put a party together this Christmas, go read her ideas and see what you can come up with. I swear to you, after you read one post, you will read another and another. I started reading her blog when she wrote Nella's Birth Story, if I remember correctly, that was about 2 years ago. I check her blog every few days and read every word. I love her words, her inspiration, ideas and just love for life. Not to mention her red cowboy boots!

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